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April 19th, 2019

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

Sports Day this year was a joyful experience for nearly everyone who participated! I was so happy to see the positive energy and enthusiasm that members of our CDS community brought to this important event. I extend a special thank you to Mr. Parmar and the P.E. department for the time, effort, and thought that went into planning and organizing.

Teachers and parents know well that participation in sports helps young people to develop responsibility, discipline, confidence, perseverance, and healthy lifestyles. Although not everyone chooses to pursue athletics throughout the year, our annual Sports Day fosters Community, encourages good Collaboration, and builds Character through challenge. I hope this year's shared experience brought all students closer together.

Our MS Outdoor Education trip is coming up on Wednesday - Friday next week! Be sure to review the important information listed below to make sure your child is prepared.

Have a great weekend!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

Adventure Korea Update (April 24th - 26th)

Our much anticipated Outdoor Education trip is coming up next week! In Long House on Thursday students and teachers reviewed the Code of Conduct to ensure all students understood behavior expectations for the trip. We want everyone to learn, feel connected, have fun, and most importantly be safe!

A few key things to consider...


  • Although we carefully reviewed the Code of Conduct with students, please remind your children to be on their very best behavior and to treat everyone with kindness and respect while on the trip.


  • CDS will provide snacks for students to eat when they feel hungry between meals: (bottles of water, granola bars, apples and bananas)
  • The PTO will provide additional water bottles as well.

Packing List:

  • Important: Bring a rain jacket as it is likely to rain on Friday morning.
  • Be sure to review the packing list in the information packet we shared.
  • Students shouldn't bring more than 50,000 won. We don't want you to lose it, and there won't be many places to spend it.
  • Hydration is very important so please remember to bring a refillable water bottle.
  • Teachers will collect cell phones in the evening. If you want yours charged, don't forget to bring a personal charger.
  • Some activities require close-toed shoes for safety---so make sure to bring more than just sandals and flip flops.

Dress Code:

  • Students do not need to wear their Dalton uniforms.
  • Students must dress modestly-- please review the dress code policy in the information packet we shared.

Photo Update and Summary:

  • On Wednesday and Thursday night teacher leaders from both groups (Grade 7 & 8 and 5 & 6) will share photos and a summary of the day. These will be posted on the MS website by 8:30pm so you can know your children are safe and happy:

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, feel free to call the MS Office or send us an email.

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CDS MS Climate Survey (학교생활 환경 설문조사)

Dear MS Parents,

I want to thank all of you who took time to complete this year's climate survey. Your feedback is so helpful for us as we plan for the next school year and set priorities for positive change.

I've included a few charts below that highlight some of the progress we've made as a school over the last few years. Each year teachers consider climate survey responses from students, faculty, and parents---and it really does guide our work and help us to see areas where we can improve.

If you haven't had the chance yet, I strongly encourage you to complete the form. The more parents who respond, the more reliable our data will be.

* Once all of the data has been collected for the 2018-19 school year, I will publish the most up to date charts in the newsletter for parents to see and consider.

Thank you!

- Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

CDS MS Climate Survey (학교생활 환경 설문조사)

Please click the button to complete the form

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[Upcoming Events]

Adventure Korea!!!

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[This week, around CDS MS]

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Science Class with Mr. Keel

This week in 5th grade general science, students explored the physics of speed and velocity by flying their custom made paper airplanes. Students researched aerodynamic designs on the internet and constructed paper airplanes that they thought would have the highest velocities.

After the construction phase, students flew their planes, recorded the speed and distance, and used the gathered information to calculate speed and velocity. Students really enjoyed sharing their creative designs and studying physics in such a fun and relevant way. It seems like the year just started but this lab reminded us all that time really flies!

- Mr. Keel

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6th Annual Silent Art Auction is a Success

As PT Conferences ended at 4:00 on Friday, so did the 6th Annual Silent Art Auction- with teachers hovering eagerly at the bid table, and student volunteers Zion Chang and Sebastian Shen closing out the official bid window (see video for snapshots of those final few moments).

Although this year we had fewer artworks than in our previous two years, we set records across the board: this year saw the most staff submissions [Mr. Cavasin (2), Ms. Pantano (2), Mr. Menzel (1), Mr. Riniker (1)], the highest amount of student bids AND student purchase work, the longest bidding war for a single piece [Mr. Cavasin's with nearly 20 counter-bids], and once again 100% of pieces purchased!

I am happy to say that this year the auction results totaled out with KRW1,044,000 raised for the TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees) organization!

Thank you everyone who participated this year. I am really proud of our community for raising so much for charity, and making this event one of the most successful years yet. The Silent Art Auction really embodies the CDS motto "Pioneering to Serve" and is one of the few events the allows FP, MS, and HS members to engage in this act of giving. So, thank you if you made work, bought work, bid on work, or just looked at the work! Special thanks to the student volunteers who worked the PTC auction day (Linda Hwang, Yoonho Myoung, Sebastian Shen, Wilson Shen, Zion Chang, and Eric Lee).

If you were the highest bidder for a piece of artwork, this upcoming week one of the three art teachers (Mr. Read, Ms. Pantano, Mrs. Koetje) will be reaching out via email or text soon soon to inform you of the results, and to collect payment. After you have been contacted by one of the art teachers you can then arrange to pay and pick up your artwork to take home.
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2018-19 MS Talent Show

The Middle School had its annual Talent Show on Wednesday this week! We got to see many talented groups perform and we got to see many extra talents as well from some of the teachers. It was an event where many people got to showcase their talents and perform for Middle and High school students! Thank you to all of the participants, and thank you to all the Student Council members who helped organize the event!

The winners were:

1st Place

Karen Koo, Claire Cho, & Yejin Bu with a dance performance to the song "Rumor"

2nd Place

Yuchien Chang & YunHao Chang with a piano duet titled "Norwegian Dances Op. 35, No.2"

3rd Place

Ahjin Kim with a dance performance to the song "Solo + Gotta Go"

-Sophia Seo

Middle School Student Council President
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2018-19 Sports Day

[MS Athletics]

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Middle School Documents

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Upcoming Events

  • 4/24-26 - Adventure Korea

  • 4/27 - Boys Basketball @DSS

  • 4/27 - Girls Basketball @CI

  • 4/27 - G5 Basketball @KIS

  • 4/30 - G8 Field Trip - War Memorial Museum