Special Edition of #DTLUtah News

K-5 Canvas Ideas for Utah Elementary Teachers!

Elem Teachers + UEN + USBE's DTL Program = Module Ideas for YOU!

In partnership with UEN and the Utah State Board of Education's Digital Teaching and Learning Program, 6 Utah elementary teachers from different districts developed Canvas modules to promote ways Canvas can be used as a learning tool in a variety of elementary grades and content areas.

We are pleased to announce that these modules are now available in Canvas Commons and can be downloaded for use throughout the state of Utah! In Canvas Commons, search #DTLUtah and look for the course cover page that matches the branded image. You can also, while logged into Canvas, click on the dark gray header for each course listed below to go straight to that course.

Information about courses currently available in Canvas Commons can be found below.

K-5 Canvas Modules in Canvas Commons

1) Log in to Canvas 2) Click on a heading below 3) The course will load in Canvas Commons 4) Download what you'd like to use/explore!

OR search #DTLUtah in Canvas Commons to find all courses listed

#DTLUtah Kindergarten Science Standards 2,4(Click HERE)

Author: Sarah Ruiz, Davis School District: Kindergarten Science Module Ideas for: KSCI.S2.O1-3 Earth and Space Science, KSCI.S3.01-2 Physical Science, KSCI.S4.O1-2 Life Science, including teacher instructions, templates, and Quizzes Next activities.

#DTLUtah 3rd Grade Science Standards 1,2,3 (Click HERE)

Author: Olena Bradford, Jordan School District: 3rd Grade Science Module Ideas for: 3.SCI.2 Living-Nonliving - Objectives 1 & 2; 3.SCI.1 Sun, Moon, and Earth - Objectives 1 & 2; 3.SCI.3 Force and Motion - Objectives 1 & 2.

Too big to download? Try downloading each module separately!

3.SCI.1 Sun, Moon, and Earth (click HERE)

3.SCI.2 Living-Nonliving (click HERE)

3.SCI.3 Force and Motion (click HERE)

#DTLUtah 4th Grade Science 1.1, 1.2 (Click HERE)

Author: Cassie Walker, Iron County School District: 4th Grade Science Module Ideas: Includes teacher instructions! 4.1.1 - Heat Energy, Evaporation, and Condensation; 4.1.2 - The Water Cycle

#DTLUtah 4th Grade Science 5.1 - 5.4 (Click HERE)

Author: Sallly James, Piute School District 4.SCI.5.1: Environments; 4.SCI.5.2: Plants and Animals; 4.SCI.5.3: Classification; 4.SCI.5.4: Observe Behavior; + Teacher info, resources, and how-to videos!

#DTLUtah 4th Grade Social Studies 3.1 (Click HERE)

Author: Cassie Walker, Iron County School District: 4th Grade Social Studies Module Idea: Teacher Instructions; 3.1: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

#DTLUtah 5th Grade Social Studies 3.1, 3.2 (Click HERE)

Author: Janette Stubbs, Iron County School District: Includes teacher instructions as well as Documents, Preamble, Branches of Government, How a Bill Becomes a Law, Bill of Rights, Patriotic and Citizenship Traditions, and The Constitution Today

#DTLUtah 5th Grade Science 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 (Click HERE)

Author: Lynn Gutzwiller (Murray School District); 2.1 - Weathering and Erosion; 2.2 - Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Uplift; 2.3 - The Earth's Surface Over Time; + Teacher information, instructions, resources, & credits!

Thank you to Sarah Ruiz, Janette Stubbs, Lynn Gutzwiller, Olena Bradford, Sally James, and Cassie Walker for creating and sharing these Canvas module ideas with YOU to inspire your use of Canvas!

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Utah teachers have the best ideas and your ideas are worth sharing!

We are looking for more elementary Canvas ideas! Please send standards-aligned modules or full courses you are willing to share with other Utah elementary educators to Sydney.Young@schools.Utah.gov. We are in need of 1st and 2nd grade modules in particular.