Written FOR Students BY Students!

March Madness

"Shooting hoops to win this thing!" Our tournament for our March Madness was a crazy one. We had many students participate, they represented their 5th-period class. Basketball may have not been the students choice of sport, but the students still had a fun time playing the sport with their peers. They spent their lunch fighting for their 5th-period class, not just the win, but to get a pizza party. The last game was between Mrs. Krauss's class and Ms. S. Lara's class, it was a tough one, but the win went to Ms. Lara's class and they got to enjoy their pizza party.

County Science Fair And History Day

Our students are doing fantastic with competitions this year! History Day had the County competition on March 16th and County Science Fair was April 4th. There were many students that took part in the beginnings of Science Fair and History Day, but only those who dedicated themselves to their work made it to County. It was a long journey for everyone, lots of hard work and late nights doing their best for their projects. These students proved to be dedicated to excellence! Congratulations to those who made it to County and beyond. Can't wait to see what you bring to the future!

VHMS Welcomes Guest Speakers to Career Day

Our 2nd annual Career Day was a huge success! We had many interesting guests that spoke about so many different jobs and careers. When the guests arrived they were escorted by students and escorted to the Multi-Purpose Room. Once there, guests were assigned a student ambassador. They made sure our guest was comfortable and had everything they needed. When they were speaking to the class they talked about their journey from humble beginnings to where they are now, sharing experiences, and any tips they had for students. The guests were happy that our students had a lot of questions and were engaged in the presentations. Before the guests left for the day, they were given a goody bag and a Thank You certificate. They were very happy to have spent the day with our Wildcats and said that they would gladly do it again!

Math Bee

The Math Bee had everyone thinking hard, about MATH! 6th, 7th, and 8th had their own grade level Math Bees in the MPR with their classmates and Math teachers. Everyone was divided into groups of four by the teachers. Once the event started, the students worked and tried to do their best on each and every problem. Everyone went through the sections, then got their break. During the second half of the bee the math got harder which was going to eliminate some of the students. By the time the last question finally came around, it was the group that had the most right answers won 1st place, 2nd, and 3rd place for their grade level! Congratulations to all who participated and those students who won!

2nd Annual Family STEAM Night!

STEAM night was really cool last year, but this year, it was even COOLER! Attending Family STEAM Night gave everyone an opportunity to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in a different way through different activities. There were activities for robotics, building, and teamwork. There was building a catapult with popsicle sticks with a spoon and marshmallows, towers of sticky notes, a paint pendulum and origami making. There was also food, you know all kids love FOOD! Kona Ice, tacos, drinks and snacks. We also got the chance to view how the Police Officer's figure out how to dust for fingerprints and work their robots. Overall, STEAM night was a perfect opportunity to get to learn something you didn't know and learn how to do something you probably never done. Thank you to all those who came out & to the teachers and students who participated!