Amazon Rainforest Medicines

By Gracie Pendergraft and Kasey Whittington


¡Hola! We are Kasey and Gracie. Our Spanish names are Blanca and Graciela. We are going to show you the wonders of the rainforest, in medicine form, of course! We have many plants to show you and hope that you learn something from our poster. Enjoy!
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The Plant's Medicine
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1. Do you know what the rainforest is? Yes: 10 No: 0

2. Do you know where the biggest rainforest is? Yes: 2 No: 8

3. Where? Got it right: 2 Got it wrong: 8

4. Do you know what animals are in the the rainforest? Yes: 10 No: 0

5. Do you know what animals are endangered? Yes: 4 No: 6

6. Do you know what percent of oxygen the rainforest gives the world? Yes: 0 No: 10

7. Do you know how medicines we get from the rainforest? Yes: 1 No: 9

8. Do you know what a shaman is? Yes: 1 No: 9

9. Did you know that the rainforest is being destroyed? Yes: 10 No:0

10. Which plank kills cancer? Cat's Claw: 5 Passion Flower: 5

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Thank you for viewing our poster! We both hope you learned something beneficial about the rainforest! ¡Adios, Amigos!
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