The ability to keep going against all odds.

Jonas(The giver)

Jonas who doesn't even have a last name lived in a boring community.It didn't have any color and everyday things had to be done in an orderly fashion and if you didn't follow rules you were exiled from the community.Every Jonas thought there was something missing in his life.When he received his job in the community the receiver who keeps all the history in the world shows him about all the things that are missing in the world.Once he finds out he decides that it is wrong that the community hasn't told them about these things.He confronts the leader of the community and she says do not bring that up again or you will be exiled.After that he grabs his baby bro gabe that is supposed to be killed in two days and runs away from the community.He decides that gabe shouldn't have to grow up without all the things that the community was missing.He wasn't giving up on gabe or himself.

Hasaan Hawthorne

How he got through it!!

The adversity that Hassan had to face was life without legs. Hasaan was born with bad legs which wasn't able to do anything so they got removed.After that his parents said he will go through it the hard way so they let him fall.He then had to find a way to get around and find out how to land safely.As a result of that he grew stronger than most kids are.He had to prove to every that he isn't that different from everyone else.So he begged his parents to sign him up for baseball.It ended up being a huge success. That is what convinced his parents to let him join wrestling in high school.After a lot of hard work and dedication he ended up where he is today.

Tom Cruise.How to get through dyslexia.

Tom cruise showed signs of dyslexia in grade school.He didn't learn to read until he became an adult through study technology.Everyone is shocked to find this out because he is an actor and is in movies.Well it wasn't easy for Tom to remember all of his parts to the movie.Toms dream was to be a pilot but he couldn't achieve that because he couldn't remember what he was reading.Tom couldn't concentrate on what he was reading.That may have stopped him from doing that but he wasn't giving up on acting.He got help from professionals and got better at reading everyday,

How everyone got through it.

Everyone had problems in their careers and their life.But in the end their determination gets the best of them.They just had to get pass that problem and they would be rewarded.