By: Peyton Wagoner


A soild is a type of matter that is in a form that you can't change like an ice cube. An ice cube is a soild because it has a giving form so if you put it in a glass cup it wouldn't take the shape of the cup it would keep it's form. Her is some examples of a soild: rock, ice cube, this list could go on for ever and ever so i'll just stop now.


A liquid is another state of a matter. a liquid is a form that can take any form so if i poured water into a countainer it would take the shape of that are some exapmles: drinkes, ect....


A gas is another type of matter you can't see gas unless it's steam. Gas can be made up of tiny water particuls. like steam, stean is happens when water boiles or gets hot enough that the water starts to are some exapmles: Steam, air, ect....

Parts of an Atoms

Atoms have 3 parts Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. A Proton is a positively charged particle in the nucleus of the Atom. A Neutron is not charged the only thing it does is add mass, it is also in the nucleus. A Electron is a negatively charged, an Electronsis in a space called the clouds outside of the nucleus.