Gang Violence

Dejaah Wilder 1A

What is Gang Violence?

The act of violent crimes against victims or rivalries with other gangs to fight for respect, power, control, and territory.

Gang- a group of adolescents who bond together, more so a group of delinquents, a group of people who associate regularly who fight, do drugs, steal, and use lethal weapons at all times.

Gang Violence has to stop !

Gang violence has been on the rise ever since mid 1980's amd 1990's.

gangs are mixed with the old and the young.

mainly located in urban areas because of economic disadvantages and racially diverse populations.

gang members are always wrapped up in criminal activity such as drug trafficking, murders, robbery etc.

gang members commit crimes against members of their own gang, members of rival gangs and against non-gang members.

Families are affected by this violence

- Many families lose thier loved ones due to gang violence.

- Families in the neighboorhood can't live the way they want because of the violent activity.

- Many kids don't think twice before making bad decisions that can affect their family.

- once your in the gang it's very hard to get out.

How can we prevent gang violence:

- They can have police monitoring the neighboorhoods

- They can have programs for the youth and adolescents

- Parents should enforce a hobby their child can be in.

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