Recipe for a Perfect world

perfect world


.10 tbs Love

.0.5 tbs No Racism

.8.0 kg Respect

.30 spoons of Friends

.1.89 pinches No littering

.1.25 spoons Good leaders


.5000 tbs No drugs

.94 kg no poverty

.19000 grams no terrorism

.65 spoons no war

.23 oz kindness

.1 pinch more kindness

.0.5 g More trees

56 spoons .happy families

.90 kg no guns

.60 oz no cigarettes

9000 spoons homeless shelter

.76 oz no global warming


S1: Preheat oven to 100000c

s2: grab a BIG pan and add.....

s3 :add all your ingredients into a giant bowl

s4: mix well all together till you get a big mosh that's black

s5 than add a Big drop of kindness till it gets brown

s6 bake in oven for 30 years

s6 after 20 years take out of pan

s7 than let cool for 5 years

s8 dig a hole on ground deep for best results (dig till bed rock)

s9 keep in ground for ever

s10 if the batter gets rainbow the worlds good if it turns dark colors of the rainbow maybe think of making another one