Ancient Greece

The Basics


Ancient Greece was the birthplace of the civilization of many other parts of the world. Many ideas about government, science, and art came from ancient Greece.
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Ancient Greek Geography

About 2,500 years ago, ancient Greece included much of modern Greece, plus nearby islands and the coast of modern Turkey.
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Sparta was at one time the most powerful city-state of ancient Greece. It was famous for its military power and its loyal soldiers.

Sparta was in a valley that was protected on three sides by mountains. The climate was mild, and the soil was fertile. Agriculture was the main industry in Sparta.

Every Spartan male belonged to the state from the time of his birth. Boys were left to the care of their mothers until they were 7. Then they were put into a company and raised under strict rules. When the boys were 12, they were trained as soldiers. At 30, Spartan males were given the rights and duties as citizens.

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