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January 4-8th

Good Morning Sanger High School

Welcome Back Team...

I hope that everyone had a blessed and restful holiday. I am excited to kick off the second half of the school year as we continue our drive for success. It will take a few days to get back into the swing of things but just remember to get plenty of rest and rely on your teammates when needed.

Have a great week.

Go Indians!

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations this week...

Happy birthday to Coach Niemczyk (12/29), Mrs. Giddens (1/4), Mrs. Arnold (1/7), and Coach Hooper (1/8)

Hope you have a great day!

Teacher Workday

Teacher Work Day: Monday, January 4th (8-4pm)

Please report to campus by 8 am. We will gather in the auditorium at 8:15 a.m. for a faculty meeting. You will have an opportunity to work in your classrooms and get together with your teams.

Most important.....GRADES ARE DUE BY 4:00 PM

Grade verifications will be in your mailbox- Tuesday morning, January 5th

Verifications due- Wednesday, January 6th @ 8 am.

Congratulations to Sanger Indians

Congratulations to Coach Sykes, Coach Hilliard and the Lady Indians for a great showing at the Whataburger Tournament. The Lady Indians took 5th overall. This was the first time that the Lady Indians have placed in this tournament playing top ranked teams in the state. Way to go Ladies!!!

Congratulations to Coach Farmer and his boys for winning the consolation bracket in the Allen Tournament. The boys were 3-1 in the tournament and 11-7 overall. Keep it up boys!!!

As we look forward, let's route on Jarrett Gilum and Mackenzie Mobley as they compete in the Area Auditions for the All-State Band January 10th.

Semester Exams


Students that were absent, must schedule a time to test with you the week of January 5-8th only. Please seek those students out upon our return. This will greatly help Mrs. Nelson.

School Board Appreciation

January is school board appreciation month. At the January 11th meeting, each campus will present a token of appreciation to each member. This year's theme is Super Heroes. (What a great theme). SHS is looking for a unique and creative way to demonstrate how much we appreciate all that our school board does for SISD. Please email me with your suggestions. We will begin collecting monetary donations starting Monday, November 30th.

Special Note: It is not the size of the contribution; it is the thought that really makes a difference.

Mid Year MacBook Checks

Each year we must go through the process of checking student MacBooks. Please note the following dates and help to remind all students of the following schedule. All checks will be conducted through the English classes.

Seniors: Jan. 12-13th

Juniors: Jan. 14-15th

Sophomores: Jan. 19-22nd

Freshman: Feb. 2-4th

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Counselor Corner

Additional Information

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Suggestions... No suggestions this week.

Important Dates

  • 1/4- Teacher Work Day
  • 1/4- Faculty Meeting (All Staff @ 8:15 am)
  • 1/5- Start the 4th 6-week
  • 1/5- Core Team Meeting (2nd block)
  • 1/5- Boys and Girls Basketball Games
  • 1/6- Fashion Institute on campus- All 3 lunches
  • 1/7- Tech Team Meeting- 3:45 pm,Lecture Hall
  • 1/8- Boys and Girls Basketball Games
  • 1/11- Mentor Meeting- 3:45 pm, Lecture Hall
  • 1/11- School Board Meeting
  • 1/11- Boys Basketball Games
  • 1/12- Fire Drill
  • 1/12- Girls Basketball Games
  • 1/15- College Pay Day
  • 1/15- Boys and Girls Basketball Games
  • 1/18- MLK Day (No School)
  • 1/21- College Night
  • 1/26- Boys and Girls Basketball Games
  • 1/28- ELA Shutdown Benchmark
  • 1/29- Boys and Girls Basketball Games
  • 1/30- Mr. SHS