The EpiBracelet

Invented by Audrey Gavagan


  • In the United States two hundred people die every year from allergic reactions.
  • The majority of which are kids.
  • Those allergic are recommended to carry two EpiPens with them at all times.
  • But what if they forget?

The Solution?

  • My invention is the EpiBracelet.
  • The EpiBracelet is the perfect, portable case for you EpiPen.
  • The EpiBracelet doubles as a medical ID bracelet.
  • The EpiBracelet is THE solution to not having your EpiPen when you need it.
  • (The picture below is of a Medical ID bracelet.)
Big image

The Materials

  • In my prototype, the materials were very simple
  • A bracelet
  • Hot glue
  • And two pencil, which were the "Epi-Pens"

What would be Different in the Actual Model?

In the actual invention, the case where the Epi-Pens are stored would be manufactured as part of the bracelet. No more hot glue needed!!! ;). Also, my company would be manufacturing a variety of bracelets, insted of buying some or having our customers send in one of their own.


My invention does NOT include $380 two pack of injections. I would like to price this at ten to twenty dollars, which should cover the cost for raw materials, manufacturing, and labor.

The Future

I hope that my invention will someday become an essential when purchasing an Epi-Pen, and will be able to save hundreds of people
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