MX Racer / Anesthesiologist

By: Joseph DelGeorge 803

The Beginning 💨

I want to be a MX racer because I like riding quads and dirtbikes. When I saw bikes wheelie down my block or past the park I knew right away I wanted to ride too. In 2014 I bought my own bike around winter time. When the snow fall all my friends would ride their bikes to my house and it felt so cool. The feeling when I was riding with about 15 other people just was amazing. Even after the winter, when the snow melted, I would ride with my brothers having a lot of fun. From doing wheelies and going fast, I founded my new hobby.

What is a MX racer?

MX racing is where dirtbikes and quads race on dirt tracks that include jumps, whips, and turns. Racers line up behind a bar that drops as the race begins. Racers take off with high speeds and hit heights as high as 30 ft on average. Races can have up to 20 racers and as low as 2. Racers could be pretty much any age and race in there class. Races vary by the type of bike you have, and the type of engine. More powerful bikes will compete with each other and less powerful bikes will compete with each other. Speed is not always the way to win, racers must have full control in order to stay on their tires.

The Track💥

Never really thought about racing on a track until I went to Calverton MX. With so many acres of land and tracks, I had so much fun. When I go with friends and my brothers we all go onto the track and race with professional racers. When I would get into the track and see dirt bikes hitting jumps I wanted to be like them ever since.


Becoming an MX racer does not require education or degrees, it's simply all skill. You need knowledge of the sport and what to do.

Opportunities for advancement 💸

Advancement for MX racers are winning races and getting into bigger and more profitable races. Everyone starts off with smaller races and makes there way to much bigger ones.


An MX racer could win up to 100,000 $ in 1 race. There is no average salary. It all depends on your position in a race and the amount of races you enter. Promotion comes from your skill, if you are a very good racer you will be sponsored by a big company and make good money. You will also get into bigger races and make more money.


Anesthesiologists provide medical care to patients in a wide variety of (usually acute) situations, including preoperative evaluation, consultation with the surgical team, creation of a plan for the anesthesia tailored to each individual patient, airway management, intraoperative life support and provision of pain control, intraoperative diagnostic stabilisation, proper post-operative management of patients

Salary 💸💸

On average, an annual salary of an anesthesiologist is 300,000 and could be raised to 450,000. Price varies by the company you work for. Some pay more and less than others.

Education Requirements

In order to become an anesthesiologist, you need a bachelors degree with takes 4 years. Along with that, you need to go to graduates education and earn a degree in medicine or a osteopathy degree which is also 4 years, and lastly you need an anesthesiologist residence that also takes 4 years.

Opportunities for advancement!💉

Anyone who has made it through medical school and residency training to become a fully licensed and practicing anesthesiologist has already made it to the top of his or her chosen field. At the beginning, you work as an assistant but get promoted to your own doctor. After you become promoted, you gain help from an assistant just like what you were previous to your promotion.