December Disclosures

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STREAMing in the BLC

5th Grade Stations

Fifth graders worked hard this month during independent STREAMing Station time. Students were able to choose from various modules and projects. Take some time to look at their work by visiting the following links:

Creation Station

Curiosity Corner - On my birthday in the year...
Construction Zone
STEAM-R Stations - Itsy Bitsy Spider Pipes
Storytime Section
Maker Space - Milk Carton Repurposing

5th Grade Polar Express

The bridge for the trip from our home to the North Pole is out. Can you help create a new, strong bridge to allow the small children to travel safely on the Polar Express? The fifth graders can! Check out their bridge designs at

3rd & 4th Grade Lego Comics

Thanks to a Family Trust grant, I was able to purchase Lego Story Starter Kits. The students have enjoyed using these kits to create Lego comic pages, comic strips, stories, and even videos! Students have been working on these stories this month and will finish in January. Watch for the final products coming soon!

2nd Grade Gingerbread Man Traps

During library time, students having connected their ELA reading theme to engineering. The second graders completed STEAM-R activities based on the book, The Gingerbread Man. After reading the story, the students had to design and create a trap to keep the gingerbread man contained. Take a look at their creations by visiting see some budding engineers!

1st Grade E-books

After reading the story, The House that Santa Built by Dianne de las Casas, the first grade students have been busy creating an ebook version of the same story. Students first used Chatterpix to record different sound videos. They then added those videos to Book Creator, recorded their voices reading the story, and saved it as an ebook. Look and listen in on their stories by visiting

We LOVE New Books!

We are so excited to have some new books purchased with money earned from the book fair!


“Starting every day with a book talk equals exposure to 180 books each year.”

It is wonderful to know that when I talk about a book, it flies off the shelf! I love how our students are so eager to read a great book!

December's Book Selections

American Girl Series

Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House Series

SC Book Award Nominees

  • The Matchbox Diary
  • Doug Unplugged
  • Warning: Do Not Open this Book
Llama, Llama Holiday Drama (book talk by Eliana)

Mouse Before Christmas (book talk by Chloe)

Carole Marsh Mysteries

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies and other Laura Numeroff books

11 Experiments that Failed (book talk by Wyatt)

Christmas Soup (book talk by Indya)

Jan Brett's Christmas and Winter Books

Enjoy your travels this Christmas!

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