The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Rachel McGuire

Who, What, When, Where, Why

Norma Jeane Morteson better known as Marilyn Monroe was an American actress and model during the 1950's. Monroe is considered one of the biggest pop icons in today's culture. On August 5, 1962 Monroe was reported dead in Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA. Monroe ended up dying at the age of 36. She was said to have suffered from mental illnesses and substance abuse for many years before her death.

Perspective #1

Marilyn Monroe was diagnosed with depression in 1961. She was under constant care by psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson. Monroe was found by her maid, Eunice Murray. After midnight on August 5, 1962, Eunice noticed Monroe's light still on in her room. She tried opening the door and it was locked. Eunice called out to Marilyn but didn't get any response. Eunice ended up calling Dr. Greenson. He entered her room by breaking a window. He checked Marilyn for a pulse but couldn't find one. The police were called shortly after. The autopsy was completed and they found fatal amounts of barbiturates in her system. Monroe's death was then ruled as a probable suicide based on the overdose.

Perspective #2

After Monroe's death many conspiracy theories started surfacing. An interesting one being that her "suicide" was an accidental suicide. Eunice Murray being her maid as well as Dr. Ralph Greenson were both in on Monroe's "suicide". Monroe's career was slowly falling so they thought if she had a near death experience her fame would then pick up again. All three of them are said to have agreed on staging a fake death. Greenson was said to prescribe a certain medication for Monroe that would easily stage her as dead. Murray agreed to this only because she thought the doctors could easily pump her stomach if needed. On the night of her death, Monroe took the pills then Greenson came in with Murray and actually waited until Monroe was "dead" and then called the ambulance. Turns out that they ended up waiting too long and the medication that Greenson prescribed went into full effect before she arrived at the hospital.

Media Bias

According to all of the studies, Marilyn Monroe's death has been ruled out as a suicide once and for all. Even though there are several conspiracy theories about her death none of the theories have enough hard evidence to overrule the suicide case. With the evidence there is, it all lines up perfectly for her death to be called a suicide.

Criticism #1 Feminism

Yes, Marilyn Monroe was known for her body and looks but she is also considered a feminist icon now. Monroe did wonders for women when she was alive. Ranging from owning her own production company and making a race statement during a time when people of color were not accepted (Ella Fitzgerald was requested to sing at a popular night club on Marilyn's behalf.) really changed the world for women. The way she built herself in the business world balanced out her two looks; being innocent and sensuous. She also was a great entertainer and worked her way up for harder roles in movies and more.

Criticism #2 Marxist

One of the conspiracies surround John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby. Theory says that Bobby Kennedy ordered for Marilyn Monroe's death. Monroe was going to go public with the secrets she had on the Kennedy family and that's why they wanted her dead. This shows Marxist criticism because of where the Kennedy's are in social class. Being ranked in such a high class they were able to get away and do something like this. They were in the eyes of the public and didn't want Monroe to ruin them. The Kennedy's then took matters into their own hands and dealt with the problem themselves.


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