The House of Hades

Rick Riordan

Content and Summary

The book starts off with The Prophecy of the Seven sailing through the sky on the Argo ll. As they were passing through the mountains, rocks were flung at them by some minor Earth gods. They were able to get through the mountains barely in one piece. Right now they were trying to get the statue of Athena back to the Romans so that they can restore peace with the Greeks. Plus, they needed to meet their friends at the Doors of Death. They needed to close the doors since Gaea, the earth goddess, took control of them and now all the titans and giants and all the other monsters that have died before keep coming back from Tartarus. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase fell into Tartarus and their only way back is through the Doors of Death. Tartarus is a place that no demigod as survived. Therefore, Percy and Annabeth were in trouble. They had no food or water and they were weak from the hard fall into Tartarus. They decided to follow the River of Fire because it is said that the ones who drink it will be provided with health and some strength. A they went along, they cam across some vampires that Percy has killed in the past. the vampires said they were headed to the Doors of Death to have their revenge on Percy. They decided to cautiously follow them. For awhile they realized the vampires weren't in front of them. They had found out they were following them and then attacked them from behind. They were surrounded. As Percy and Annabeth had lost hope of winning, a titan fell from above. Great. Just what they needed. But the titan didn't finish them off. He attacked the vampires then healed them with his magic touch. this wasn't just a titan, it was friendly titan. He called himself Bob, the name Percy gave him when he brain washed him. His actual name was Iapetus and he was gruesome. But now he's a friendly janitor. He decided to get them to the Doors of Death and help them get back to the mortal world. As they were moving along through Tartarus, Bob got offended and left them to fend for themselves. They got attacked by aras which are creatures that hold the the pain and curses from the monsters they have killed before. When Percy was collapsing with pain trying to protect Annabeth, Bob came back and saved them. Bob decided that they weren't going to make it to the Doors of Death without being seen. They needed to find Akhlys, the keeper of the death mist. Percy and Annabeth needed the death mist so that they will be able to cover their mortal scent when walking through the army of monsters. While this was going on in Tartarus, back in the mortal world, Leo, Hazel, Piper, Jason, Frank, Nico, and Coach Hedge were sailing peacefully in the sea on their way to the House of Hades. The House of Hades is where the Doors of Death in the mortal world are located. Then, the boat rocked hard to the one side and sent the crew tumbling. They looked out and something like a giant turtle was biting off the oars. They spotted a cave up ahead too small for the turtle shell to fit through. Once they got in there, the cave was a dead end right away. There were tall cliffs going around the cavern like a V. It was a trap. An arrow was shot down at their boat with a note saying to bring all their valuables up the cliff with two people. Hazel and Jason decided to go since Hazel can summon any precious metals within the ground and Jason is able to control the wind. If they were to fall, he would catch them. They met the archer at the top. His name was Sciron. Hazel summoned all the precious metals she could but he wanted the statue of Athena. He made a deal with them saying if they wre to wash his feet, he would let them go. Hazel realized he has his victims wash his disgusting feet and while you get unbalanced from the smell, he kicks you off the cliff. Hazel had a plan, but it involved her controlling the Mist. Which she was still working on, but it's just going to have to work. Jason went over and washed his feet first. In Sciron's eyes, he was kicked off the cliff into the turtles mouth. When Hazel got down to wash his feet, she was able to make him do a 180. He kicked her but she just fell back onto the ground behind her. Sciron was confused enough that Hazel was able to push Sciron off the cliff into his turtle's mouth. Jason floated Hazel back down to the ship with the others. Leo repaired the oars and they went on their way. for awhile everything was so still and quiet. Too quiet. And abnormally cold. Before Piper could say anything, Khione came onto the ship and shot Leo into the sky and Froze Jason. Her two minions trapped the rest of the crew below deck. Khione is an evil snow queen they met in Quebec. Piper tried using her charmspeak, which worked at first, but Khione had charmspeak too. Piper was able to somehow charmspeak Festus, the mechanical dragon head that broke down because of the turtle attack, awake and breathed fire in Khione face. They ran away in terror. Meanwhile, Leo is falling from the sky. He builds a mechanism that just barely saves his life. He landed on an island in the middle of nowhere. He met a girl their named Calypso. She was put there as punishment from the gods. They started connecting even though they didn't want to. Leo was able to leave the island but he wanted to take her with. she couldn't leave no matter what because of the spell put on the island. He promised her he would come back for her someday. Leo made it safely to the ship and they were able to make it to the House of Hades. They got inside and instantly got attacked. Hazel and Leo got separated from the group and kept moving forward. Meanwhile in Tartarus, Percy and Annabeth were cloated in the death mist and was able to carefully walk through the army of monsters. When they cut the chains to the doors, Tarartus himself appeared. Percy and Annabeth were able to get into the elevator behind the Doors of Death, but someone had to hold the button while they went up. Bob sacrificed himself for them to get to the mortal world. But they couldn't get through the doors at the top if the doors up top weren't open. So Hazel and Leo were on their way to open them but they came across Hecate. Hecate could control the mist like Hazel could. she created a maze for them to get through. But Hazel knew how the mist worked. She was able to outsmart Hecate and send her down a trap door that didn't even exist. They also defeated the giant guarding the doors and saved Percy and Annabeth. The other members were reunited and headed back to ship. They met Rena at the Greek lands. She wasn't able to take the statue by herself considering it was 20 fee tall, so Nico said he could shadow travel them back to Greece before a war broke out. The others had to pray they would make it in time.


"Tell the sun and stars hello for me." -Bob (Iapetus)

Bob said this to Percy before they got onto the elevator. I like this quote because in the book Bob said that he wanted to get to the mortal world and say hello to the sun and stars again. He was a big part of the story because he lead them through Tartarus and came back to them even if he turned is back on them. He knew they needed him. I think it was really sad when he sacrificed himself to help them get to safety. He never was able to see the sun and stars.


One of the many themes of my story is good vs. evil. Gaea is an evil earth goddess trying to rise throughout the book and is planning to take over the world. The Prophecy of the Seven are trying to stop her and close the doors of death which Gaea got control of. The Doors of Death is a passage way from the afterlife to the mortal world and if Gaea has control of them, the giants and titans will just come back to life after they have been killed. The Prophecy of the Seven is just a group of teenaged demigods but they have mixture of Roman and Greek. This is important because the Greeks and the Romans are about to go to war because of a misunderstanding. If they dont return in time, a war could break out and all there would be left is either Greek or Roman in the end.