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Happy Holidays!!

Here we are just days away from Christmas as we continue our way through the holiday season. I always enjoy hearing about different traditions families take part in this time of year.

When Kathy and began dating in 1978, I was introduced to her family's tradition of eating lutefisk on Christmas Eve. Now, to avoid offending anyone who really likes lutefisk, and there may be a fair amount of you in Stanwood, I ask those of you who don't know what it is, to Google it and you can decide if you want to give it a whirl.

So, from 1978 to 1984, I managed, I mean, I gleefully ate a piece for dinner, although I did add a comment or two every year about lutefisk. Kathy's family was not always amused by my observations about perfectly good cod, soaked in lye and then cooked. Whoops, that slipped out.

So, what happened in 1984 that ended my relationship with lutefisk you ask? Kathy and I got married in 1985, therefore I no longer needed to impress her dad with my lutefisk eating prowess on Christmas Eve, 1985. When asked if I would like some, I simply said, "You're kidding, right.? Thank goodness for Swedish Meatballs!! In the years to follow, prime rib was added to the menu as a few more bother in-laws joined the family and viewed lutefisk the same way I did.

I still get a kick out of watching Kathy's family get really excited about lutefisk and they like seeing me get excited about the prime rib. We practice mutual respect when it comes to Christmas Eve dinner.

At CES, we receive 575 "presents" walking through our doors each day. We love each and every one of them. To have the honor of working with the "future" of our country each day is humbling. Thank you for trusting your 'presents" to us at Cedarhome Elementary.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year, 2022. Take care.


Staff Fun!

The Cedarhome Staff took time this week to have some holiday fun. We had donuts, coffee and juice while Christmas music played. Following our snacks, staff members were split into teams for a "Gingerbread Village" building contest. Each team was given the exact kits for building 4 structures for their village.

The results were, to say the least, interesting and creative. The skill levels were varied. There also may have been some cheating as I did spot a group using a hot glue gun and one group using Elmers glue. Cheaters! 😁 It was a blast! We had a great time. Check the pictures below.

It is such a blessing to work with the staff of CES. We are 60 unique individuals that come together each day to comprise an awesome team. How fortunate I am to be a part of this fantastic group of people. I look forward to accomplishing great things with our team for our students in the new year.

Thank You!

On behalf of all our staff and PTO, I want to say, "THANK YOU" for making our food drive a huge success! Because of your generous donations, our school was able to collect 1,230 pounds of food!! The Stanwood/Camano Food Bank said this amount of food translates to $2,127.90 in total value! You are awesome. Below is a picture of some of our 5th grade students who helped our PTO load the food to be taken to the food bank. Again, thank you!
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Dr. Rumbaugh's Family Message, 12-17-21

Hello Families,

I hope you are able to enjoy a restful and rejuvenating Winter Break! This year’s Winter Break is particularly well-earned given the conditions under which we continue to run our schools. I’m so glad we have been able to hold some of our traditional winter concerts and events this month, such as the band concert at Port Susan Middle School pictured here. This time of year causes me to reflect on the opportunity December provides to reconnect with family, friends and community members. Often, we exchange gifts and convey our appreciation for one another. I hope that you and your family are able to do this during December.

District Strategic Planning Update

As of the date of this week’s letter, our District Strategic Planning process is well underway. We have received survey feedback from over 2,000 students in grades 3-12 and have conducted focus groups at our elementary, middle and high schools. The School Board met for six hours in a study session to reflect on our priorities for student outcomes and our school administration conferred and reviewed school data as well. Most importantly, our Core Planning Team, composed of families, staff and community members met for the first time this week. The group of over 50 members worked for two full days to help give direction and guidance for the content and priorities for our Strategic Plan.

January Virtual Coffees with the Board

Please join members of the School Board for a series of virtual coffee hours on January 10 and 11. This is a great opportunity for the community to engage in conversation with members of the Board in a casual setting.

Here is the schedule and individual links for the virtual coffee hours:

Monday, January 10, 9 a.m.: Directors Ken Christoferson and Al Schreiber

Zoom Link

Monday, January 10, 1 p.m.: Directors Natalie Hagglund and Charlotte Murry

Zoom Link

Tuesday, January 11, 6:30 p.m.: Directors Miranda Evans and Ken Christoferson

Zoom Link

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