The Ceremony of Complication

Shocking Twist at Ceromony

What is different about the ceremony this year?

This December is not different than any other December. This December though is different for the Elevens each year. This is also the most important year for than, as they will be assigned something that will change there life. They will be assigned jobs. So they begin the ceremony. And right as Jonas was being assigned, he was skipped. Or was he?

Jonas´s reacions

We interviewed Jonas and asked how he was reacting. He started freaking out emotionally. On the inside. He was nervous, sad, confused and kinda mad. He didn´t know how to comprehend mixed emotions, like most people. He thought his parents thought they thought they failed to raise him. He kept thinking that he would be up next. Or that the chief elder made a mistake. Than at the end of it, he was called. They said he wasn't assigned a job. He was chosen. Again he was confused. He was selected to be a Receiver of Memory.

The requirements of the Receiver

To be a Receiver of Memory you must have INTELLIGENCE. Next you need to have INTEGRITY. Then you need COURAGE. Then there is WISDOM. Finally you need the capacity to see beyond. But what does that last one mean? We may never ever know.