peak experiance

BY: Rachel markitan

Getting to know mount Everest!

Mount Everest is the worlds highest mountain in the world. mount Everest lies at 8,848 meters or 29,029 ft. Everest is a cold and dangerous place. more than 250 people have died on mount Everest over the past year. in my language arts we have learned that nobody can be rescued after camp 4, because of this situation helicopters have nothing to hover on. in conclusion if helicopters go above camp 4 the helicopter will colaps because of the thin air and the altitude which it cannot lay on.

Impacts on mount Everest!

  • The boom in alpine tourism has left Mount Everest covered in debris. Nepali authorities are taking action this climbing season, requiring each climber to bring back their trash. But how can the new rule be enforced?
  • why is the worlds highest peak being the worlds largest dump?
  • The government has asked climbers to pick up their own trash on mount can we make people pick up after themselves?
  • the government has made threats to climbing teams to charge $4,000 for climbing teams that litter. but in affect the threats where rarely carried out.
  • in conclusion the government officials are hoping that climbing teams will clean up after themselves, so our beautiful highest peak, so it doesn't become a garbage dump.

Culture on mount Everest!

  • Puja ceremony
  • A Punja ceremony is a ceremony before climbing mount Everest to show respect to the mountain.

climate on Everest!

  • The climate on mount Everest is naturally EXTREME.
  • The coldest month on mount Everest is January.
  • the summit temperatures on mount Everest range to about -36° C or about -33° F and can drop as low as -60° C or about -76° F.

preparing for climbing!

some things you need to do to go climbing is to have some indoor training and getting used to carrying around your supplies so that when you actually go climbing you do not have to suffer trying to carry your own stuff up the mountain. some of the supplies you have to have on the mountain is a Mi ox water purifier, a belay, a ascend,a stubai crampon, carbines, climbing shoes, a harness, helmets, protection,outdoor GPS receiver, and ropes.

Holly Angelo report!

In the begging holly was a very happy and cheering person, this is what holly said during the book that made me laugh, PEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!, it was hilarious. when me and my class got deeper into the book holly became a calm and suspicious person. then near the end of the book holly decided to give up on her peak expedition and to tell peak to video tape himself when he got to the summit , and then holly Angelo left in pain not reaching the summit. holly gave up on her dream because she thought she couldn't make it and because it wasn't on of her to do things on her list.

Josh's Biography

In the beginning of the book josh was a very good dad. near the middle of the book josh really never came home for a long time , josh really wasn't acting like a dad any more so peaks mom decided it was best for a divorce. when we were reading peak josh told his other climbing members that peak wont be climbing with them anymore, but in conclusion after zopa drove them down the mountain past the soldiers zopa gave peak a note that told peak that he would still be climbing but not on josh's team, then peak felt sorry for what he did to josh. when we where reading the book i always had mixed emotions about josh because when i thought he did something bad then later in the book it told us the reason that josh did those things in the first place. and that is the story about josh before the end of the book.


at the beginning of the book peak climbed 7 sky scrapers and got caught for breaking the rules, so peak when to a juvinial jail. then he comes to court and seas mom, Rolf, the 2 peas, and josh and josh bailed him out , and took him to Nepal and tells him he will be climbing mount Everest in a few days. so when peak arrives at mount Everest he meets sunjo and found out that sunjo is 14 years old but 6 days older than peak. tword the middle of the book peak meets holly Anjello and figures out that shes really wacky, but tword the end of the book holly is a very calm person. then tword the end of the book peak is trying to reach the worlds highest peak, mount Everest.

About peak experiance

Peak experience is about my company, which is about teaching you about mount Everest and how our Sherpa will wish you well while you climb mount Everest. While mount Everest is a cold and dangerous place our company makes sure you will reach the peak of mount Everest.