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Librarian Recommended Sources

Movie Directors

1. George Lucas; Bio/92

2. Steven Spielberg; Bio/92

3. Tyler Perry

4. Tim Burton

5. Ron Howard

6. Jerry Bruckheimer

7. Wes Craven

8. Spike Lee; REF 92 Afr Vol 3

9. James Cameron; REF 973.91 Ame 1990-1999

10. Wayan Brothers; REF 92 Afr Vol 4

11. Clint Eastwood

12. Martin Scorsese; REF 973.91 Ame 1990-1999

13. Alfred Hitchcock; REF 92 Enc Vol 7; REF 031 Com Vol 10, REF 030 NEW Vol 8

14. Francis Ford Coppola

15. Charlie Chaplin; REF 92 Enc Vol 3; REF 031 Com Vol 4; REF 030 NEW Vol 4

16. Woody Allen; REF 031 Com Vol 1

17. Stephen Soderbergh

18. Quentin Tarantino

Reference Sets

· American Decades, REF 973.91 Ame

· Encyclopedia of World Biography, REF 92 Enc

· Compton’s Encyclopedia Britannica, REF 031 Com

· New Standard Encyclopedia, REF 030 New

AVL (Alabama Virtual Library)

· Click “Student Resources”

· Click “High School”

· Click “Britannica Student Edition

· Use the search box to search for movie directors by first and last name.

Useful Websites

Internet Movie Database

· Search by director’s first and last name

Notable Names Database

· Search by director’s first and last name

*Results will include “The St. James Encyclopedia of Film Directors”

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