Famine In Africa

By: Alex Moore & Madison Cecil

What is famine?

Famine is extreme starvation.

Causes of Famine

An immediate cause of the famine in Africa is drought. Without water, crops cannot grow, livestock cannot survive, and there is a lack of sanitary drinking water. War also contributed to the starvation. Conflicts from civil war detroys market centers and transporation stations, resulting in an economic decline. Environmental Damage effected the ability to produce food. In Africa, components of the soil erode easily and does not secure water. Therefor, overfarming, overgrazing, and deforestation have destoryed the land (CBC).

Effects of African Famine

Starvation has spread throughout the following five regions on the Horn of Africa: Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Uganda. According to CBC News, the drought killed ninety percent of livestock and left 1.25 million children in desperate need or nourishment. From May to July in 2011, 29,000 children, under the age of five, have died, an equivilent ratio to 966 classrooms containing 30 children each. 640,000 children are malnourished, which is equal to filling 10 Toronto Rogers stadiums. In effect, 3.7 million people in Somalia need immediate, life-saving medical assistance, matching the population of Alberta, Newfoundland, and Labrador put together. (CBC)


Solving the issue of famine in Africa is far from a simple task, but is made easier with the working of a group. Fundraisers are a strong, organized way to end the starvation. Along with fundraisers, charity events can be held to raise money in a larger amount than fundraisers. Donating supplies are a direct way to make a change in eastern Africa. They need things such as building supplies, farming equipment, and preserved food.


Starvation is a world-wide conflict that needs to be handled with the help of surrounding nations. While drought and war are a continuing issue among the African continent, things can be solved by the coming together of money and necessary supplies from helpful sources. The effects of famine are severe and need to be handled immediately, but cannot be resolved until we lend a hand to those who need it most.

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