Weclome to Mica

An Enchanted Place


Hi, I'm Stargirl Caraway! I was once new to your school Mica High. I had a very difficult time fitting in but, that's why I wrote this flyer to help you! I hope that you can fit in better than I could. Although you want to fit in, don't be afraid to stand out.
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All about your new school, Mica High

Sports are Everything!

All the students in the school love sports! If you hate sports the school will basically hate you. Trust me, I was hated from my school for a long portion of the year and loving sports is one way to avoid the silent treatment.

Hot Seat

Hot Seat is a show produced by kids in the school. It is also the most popular show, made by kids in our school. On this shows you basically are asked squirmy questions by the jury. The jury loves to watch you squirm. From me being on the show the best advice is to let anything negative that they say roll of your shoulder.

Be normal, But still be you!

This is what I had trouble with the most. You want to be yourself but, you want to fit in. If you dress kind of unique, like me, don't buckle under the pressure and change for others. But you have to act like others. If others have manners and talk to others, you should to!


Most sports fans don't appreciate when you cheer for another team. They also don't like when you try to help a player with a broken leg, from the other team. Although you may think you are doing the right thing (which you are) you may not want to do it, you probally don't want to be shunned

Who to Avoid

Taylor Swift - Mean

Hillari KImble

Ughhhh! She will always try to bring you down. No matter how great you do she will always try to one up you! I remember when I was asked to join the cheer team she went and tried out to prove she could make, it even though she declined the offer.

Wayne Parr

Wayne is bascily Hillari's personal cheerleader. He is always there to support her in any decision or path she takes. Hillari dosen't want to join the dance, well neither does Wayne. He is one of the toughest boys in the school and often scares new kids like you, so he can defend his turf.

The Jury

The jury will try to make you squirm. All that they want to do is watch you become embarrassed. The members of the jury are students from the school, sometimes the questions they ask are totally embarrassing. But the only way to face the jury is to let it roll of your shoulder and do not blush.

The cheerleaders

The cheerleaders are all nice and fun until you do something they do not like. If you mess up a line, cheer for the other team and even help someone who was injured. The cheerleaders try to just go with what school is doing. They could be your best friend or your worst enemy.

How be yourself

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Don't care about what others think

I don't want to sound cheesy but, be yourself because everyone else is taken! Being yourself may make people think that you are strange but being yourself is great. Others will soon learn to become themselves.

Dress however you want

Although you may think that you need to match what the crowd is wearing. Oversized designer labels and bright flashy colors are not what you need to wear. You should wear what makes you feel great. I remember that I wore whatever I wanted, the school thought that I was weird, so I changed but, I felt horrible. I felt like I was pretending to be someone that I wasn't.

Don't Care if People Stare

First of all, when people stare at you you are probally rocking your outfit! I'm sure you look great. People staring at you may make you want change your whole apperance but,you should never change for other people. If you feel great about how you look, don't care if otrhers look at you strangley.

Embrace your Differences

You differences make you, you! If you and every other preson were exactly the same the whole world would be so boring! Being orignal makes it so that we are all different and we can learn about others and how to become even more orignal.

How to be a Cheerleader

Cheer tryout dance

Wear your Uniform

You should always wear your unifrom to school on days that you have to cheer. I was on the cheer team and I learned that cheerleading can earn you alot of friends. I think that cheering was also a great way to chanel out all of my energy. Wearing your uniform is one way that people can notice you are a cheerleader and want to become your friend.

Cheer for the other Team

How would you feel if your school's sports team was dramatically losing and no one, including your own cheerleaders were cheering? I'm sure you would be pretty disappointed. That's why you should treat others how you want to be treated. JUst imagine if you were losing and the other team cheered for you! The whole game may just turn around and you could win. Some people will not agree with this decision but, cheerleaders are meant to cheer, but it never says who they have to cheer for.

Go onto the field/court

Who ever said that the field was only for players was absolutely wrong! You should go on the field and keep the crowd wondering. When I mean go on the field go out at whatever point in the game that you want! WHile your out there, be sure to do whatever you want to. A hyped crowd makes the team pumped and want to win even more. Plus you definitely draw a crowd.

Help ANYONE who is injured

Teams mean nothing when it comes to injuries. I think that no matter what team you are one or supporting, you should help anyone injured. Your team or the opponents, help them out. Your team will not like this choice of yours, in fact they may even kick you off the team, like they did to me. But at least you will know you did the right thing.

How to get Involved

Join school sports

Any school sport is a great way to get involved. Football, basketball and cheerleading are definitely the most popular. School sports definitely involve you, sometimes there is a lot of drama caused by sports, but it is still a great way to become involved.

Try to go on hot Seat

Although Hot Seat can be extremely nerve wracking, it is definitely a way for people to know who you are. Since most of the school watches the show, it is a great way to meet people like you. If someone hears you play the Ukulele and they do too, you could easily make a new friend.

Notice little things

Some people may be going through a tough time, so noticing the little things may make them feel better. For example singing someone happy birthday on their birthday may cheer them up. We never know what someone is going through so noticing the little things will make more people like you and become more involved.

Make friends

Making friends is the one of the best ways to get involved. When you become friends with one person, you can then find mutual friends of them. It is kind of like a cycle, find one friend then meet their friends and then you could end up meeting your friends, friends cousin.

Things to know about the meanest girl in the school... Hillari Kimble

Mean Girls - You can't sit with us.

She will hate you unless you're like her

Hilari wishes that everyone was exactly like her. She wants us all to be like her. She has on a oversized designer label, so she wants to school to aswell so they can be accepted. The video clip from above basically describes how she thinks. She doesn't like how you look, so you can't go by her.

No matter how good you do, She will one-up you.

Hillari did this to me all of the time when I was still in Mica High. The most specific time that I can think of was when I was invited to join the cheer team. She then went to the try outs, made the team and didn't even accept the offer. She was just trying to prove that she could make it. How rude is that ?

SHe can turn the Entire school against you

With basically a blink of an eye, she could make everyone hate you. Hillari is like the president and her decision sticks for everyones elses. She rules everyone. Most people are afraid of her so they listen, but you need to make it impossible for her to make you one of her followers.

She will always think she is better than you

Hillari will believe that she is better than you at something she doesn't even do. For example I play the Ukulele and I'm sure that she still thinks that she is better than me it at it.(Not to toot my own horn but I'm pretty good at it myself.) This one may be tough to conor feelings over but, you just have to remember you are great at what you do!

WHo to be friends with

Leo borlock

Leo was my boyfriend, and he was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. He was always by my side and also told me when i was being a complete goofball. He will make you laugh and cry but I would never trade him for anyone else. He is also the director for Hot Seat.Plus he is the one of the only people who liked me for me.


I think that I could be great friends with you. I am super unique and original as well, I hope that you are also a little odd so that way we can become even better friends! If you ever feel lonely or in need of a friend, remember I am always here for you!


Strangers make the best friends because you don't know all about them and they don't know all about you. They don't know about you past and if you did anything bad, all they see is the you now and the new you that you can become. And when you think about it your best friend was once a stranger.

ARchie and his catus

Archie was there for me in very tough times. To be honest Archie was one of my very first friends before I went to public school. And whats great is that he treats you like one of his very own kids. He gives the best advice and will never let you down

GOod luck in MIca

You will have a great time in Mica. There will definitely be better days than others but you have to keep fighting in order for a better result. A black and white picture will always be boring until you put the work into it to make it colorful and your very own

Sincerely, Stargirl