Squawk by a Hawk

Weekly News for Class 6-113


So, this is now our third edition of Squawk by a Hawk! I'm dearly sorry if I didn't make another newsletter when we came back from Outdoor Ed......... That was quite a long break though. Also, I have another friend working with me AKA Jacey!

The Nest of Learning

Class Survey

So, we were wondering: "What does our class prefer to do the most in their spare time?"

You can go onto Haiku to vote and see the results! Remember, you can only vote once!!





Watch TV

Play video games

Ask Junior Squawk

If you need any advice please e-mail us at: kennedyk3105@mytusd.org or jaceyh0118@mytusd.org

WARNING: Due to not getting emails for our adivice column, we will lieave this up for another week or two, and if Jacey and I do not get any email then, we will unfortunately drop this advice column.