Full or Part Time Sales Job

Lawrence, Kansas


The VIP Card of Kansas is a company that was founded from many years of experience with my children’s Soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, wrestling and School Band. Input from numerous fundraising groups along with our twenty plus years of owning a local business went into the creation of this unlimited use fundraising card. These discount cards aren't the typical candies, wrapping papers, and candles people avoid buying through typical fundraising programs; these are actual savings cards people seek out because they know that the purchase price is minimal compared to what they will save by presenting the card to local businesses. Merchants such as restaurants, popular shopping destinations, entertainment, hotels, and even sporting events are just some of the discounts your organization can promote.

In 2011 we joined a national network to provide thousands of additional merchants that you can even use when you are on vacation. We also provide you with a unique e-blast link so that relatives in other states can support children here and enjoy the same great card in their home town. Besides using the link for e mails, some people use the e-link to post to online sites like Facebook, Twitter and Craig’s list. What you see today is the absolute best fundraising product out there.

Job Description

We are looking to add a person who is currently living in Lawrence, Kansas. This job has two parts. The first part is to help aid us in adding businesses to our nationwide net work and then present the finished product to groups and help them meet their fundraising goals. The second part is to help local merchants with advertising to local groups to help drive traffic into their business. We have several other products that will come online as you build your network. Expect a person to help you 2-4 days per week in the beginning to coach you thru the entire process. You must be able to talk to people and enjoy learning about different business and groups around your community. The great part is we make up our own schedule so it makes it easy to have a family life. Please email us your resume or feel free to call if you have further questions.

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