Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Located near Akron, Ohio

Narly Facts

  • Many attractions
  • Cuyahoga means crooked river in Mohawk
  • Many different trails
  • Includes waterfalls, rolling hills, caves and winding rivers
  • Ohio and erie Towpath Trail has historic sites
  • Towpath Trail is open 24 hours
  • Towpath Trail is still growing
  • When finished 101 miles
  • In November bald eagles perform aerial courtship displays

Please, fund this park!

Cuyahoga National Park has many attractions for all ages. One of the attractions is the Towpath trail! The towpath trail is one of their major trails. You may ride your bike on it and take the vintage train bake! Cuyahoga National park has lots of beautiful scenery, *that is why I love this park! Like waterfalls, rivers, rolling hills, and deep dark caves! In November you can spot the once endangered bald eagles soaring through the sky performing aerial courtship displays! Please fund Cuyahoga National Park. :D