4th Grade News 5/4/15

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Note from Mrs. Foster

Thank you so much for everything this year! My plan had been to teach through the end of this week before starting my maternity leave for the birth of my son. However, as I know you all are well aware, planning and babies just don't go together! I told the classes on Friday that was my last day. I'll be home preparing for Sam's arrival--which may end up being this week! My long-term substitute is unable to start until next Monday, so this week the students will have two subs who are familiar with Stagecoach and have been in my room several times. Starting next week, Mrs. Green will be in my place for the remainder of the year. She is a certified teacher, and I know she will handle things wonderfully in my absence. I do plan to come this Wednesday to introduce her to both classes. I appreciate all of you and your support this school year! I'm so proud of the readers and writers our kiddos have become, and I look forward to hearing about all their future accomplishments!

Important Information


4H-May 12th We will be sending home more information soon about 4H

Fitness Frenzy-Week of May 18-22. 4th grade will have our Fitness Frenzy (Track & Field) event on Friday, May 22nd.

Mark your calendars! 4th Grade Graduation will be on Thursday, June 4th! More details will come later.

Math, Science, and Social Studies


Decimals- We will complete our final lesson in the decimal module on Monday. We will continue on with our Geometry module and begin our final module on exploring measurement with multiplication.

Geometry-This week we will use the addition of adjacent angle measures to solve problems using a symbol for the unknown angle measure. We will also work on identifying lines of symmetry in two-dimensional figures. There will be homework this week. It will come home on Wednesday and will be due on Friday.

Science- We will complete the lesson on comparing parallel and series batteries and work on placing a switch within our series and test insulators and conductors of electricity.

Reading, Writing and Word Study

Word Study: All groups will have new words this week. Purple & Green will test on Friday. Pink will keep their words for two weeks.

Reading: Author Fair was a HUGE success! Check out the photos at the bottom of the newsletter. This week we will be wrapping up a few Author things, and we will finish our read aloud. We will also work on elements of fiction.

There IS fluency homework coming home for this week!

Writing: we will begin a writing project on our future stories this week. We will draft, revise, and prepare to publish this week. Next week, students will publish in the computer lab.