Adjustable Smoke Detectors

Adjustable smoke detectors

Why did NASA make adjustable smoke detectors ?

NASA made smoke detectors for space to prevent fires in space. They also developed spacecrafts to prevent the fires. They designed two stations to experiment to test the smoke detectors. They were not used in missions.

Every year there are fires in the U.S but the smoke detectors had saved many lives. Out of 1 of 4 homes the fires usually start in the kitchen. These smoke adjusters were made in the 1970s , but still more than 3,000 people die each year from fires. ( some people had smoke detectors , and some did not ) On Earth we are we are moving closer to the research for better smoke detectors for our homes and commercial buildings.NASA created test stations because smoke particles are different in space than on earth. 93% of smoke detects are place in homes in the US and 85% in the UK.

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How are they helping us today ?

Smoke detectors now are used in a house , so if there is a fire it warns them to get out the house and it also calls for the firefighters to come and put the fire out. We use smoke detectors to save our lives now. Smoke detectors give us a false alarm before a fire. How ? The smoke detector senses the smoke and goes of. The smoke detector changed in many ways , they were the size and how much it cost to the people in 1955.

Smoke detectors/alarms are important safety devices because of there obvious potential to save lives and property. Their are 2 types of smoke detectors commonly available in many countries. One type uses the radiation from a small amount of radioactive material to detect the presence of smoke or heat sources . The other type of detector does not contain radioactive material, it uses a photoelectric sensor to detect the change in light level caused by smoke. It indicates smoke for fire.

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