WKMS LC Newsletter February 2020

Librarian: Dr. Conrath / Assistant Librarian: Mrs. Patterson

Black American History Month Resources and Information

This month Demco has compiled several resources for Black American History Month. Below is a short list of some helpful resources to use with potential lessons and other activities to support African American influence and accomplishments in our country.

Why Is February Black History Month?

  • History.com has curated a collection of videos for Black History Month, including “The Origins of Black History Month.” The site also contains articles, speeches and pictures of interest for Black History Month, available throughout the year.
  • Time’s article entitled “This is How February Became Black History Month” provides a detailed account of the events leading to Black History Month.
  • Mental Floss has a more succinct description of the origin of Black History Month in an article entitled “Why Was February Chosen for Black History Month?
  • Wikipedia’s article on the origins of Black History Month features photos of Carter G. Woodson and of the Black United Students' first Black culture center, as well as information about Black History Month celebrations in the United Kingdom and Canada, along with criticisms of the celebration in the United States. A number of helpful links are also provided, including other history or heritage months celebrated in the United States.

Celebrating Black History Month


Winner, Matthew. “Resources to Support African American Heritage Year-Round.” Ideas & Inspiration from Demco, 18 Nov. 2019, ideas.demco.com/blog/african-american-heritage-year-round/.

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WKMS Learning Commons Book Club & YouTube

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One of the new projects the WKMS Learning Commons Book Club is working on this year is taking a video book talk to the next level. While video clips are easy to create and accessible, they are not necessarily engaging. A better medium for reaching more middle schoolers is through YouTube; in this format, our students are creating talk-show specials about books. Considering this style of book talk promotion, students are more engaged and viewers are more likely to listen to what their peers are saying about interesting books that will keep them reading beyond the school setting.

One of the first editions is a promotion and conversation on Son Of The Mob.

The WKMS Learning Commons recently added a special iPad to the program and WKMS Book Club students will be able to check it out to use iMovie and DoInk to record new conversations and promotions connected with books middle school students are reading.

With this reading promotion in mind, one might ask why is it significant to put a talk show about books on YouTube. According to The Verge: "Teenagers are more interested than ever in YouTube...and according to The Pew Research Center, 85 percent of teenagers say they use the platform."



Farokhmanesh, Megan. “YouTube Is the Preferred Platform of Today's Teens.” The Verge, The Verge, 31 May 2018, www.theverge.com/2018/5/31/17382058/youtube-teens-preferred-platform.

Lexington County Library Visits WKMS

Once a month, Mindi Popovich from Lexington County Public Library visits WKMS students during their lunch periods to play games and promote the LCPL services. Below is a recent picture of our students from all their grades who won the trivia game. As winners, they received free books of their choosing.

Upcoming Visits:

March 4th, 11:30am-1:30pm

April 1st, 11:30am-1:30pm

May 6th, 11:30am-1:30pm

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Special Fireflies Reward Attached To Our Reading Program

For students who complete our reading challenge or who have read at least three or more books from the South Carolina Association of School Librarians Junior Book Award nominee list, they will receive a free Fireflies ticket to go to a game on Saturday, April 11th at 6:00 pm. For more information, either see Dr. Candace Lett or Dr. Russ Conrath.
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2020-2021 Brand New JBA List

WKMS Learning Commons Statistics

Over 7,380 Print Books Have Been Checked Out This School Year

109 Follett eBooks Have Been Checked Out This School Year

SC DISCUS & Black American History Month Resources

During Black American History Month, check out, Biography In Context, a really useful research tool under South Carolina's Digital Information for South Carolina Users online library. During February DISCUS is highlighting very influential and interesting Black Americans all of us should read more about.

If you need the username and password for DISCUS, please come by to see Dr. Conrath or Mrs. Patterson.

WKMS Learning Commons

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