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January 2021 Newsletter

Self-Care & Wellness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Sean Roach, Principal

As a parent of a middle school, high school and college student, I can appreciate the huge changes and challenges that come with the COVID-19 Pandemic. From distance learning to cabin fever and sibling squabbles things are understandably stressful. One of my personal resolutions for the new year is to improve my own level of self care, and learn some tips and techniques to help me achieve this goal. In my research, I came across an article that had several suggestions meant to help guide one in the practice of self-care. The best part is that parents and students alike can benefit from practicing some of the suggestions listed below, enjoy!

  • Don’t underestimate your own resilience. People often overestimate how much negative events will impact their lives, and underestimate how well they can cope. Just to get where you are today, you’ve probably overcome many difficult situations that seemed insurmountable at the time. Have confidence in your ability to get through this.

  • Keep to your routines as much as possible. When we’re stressed, it’s easy to fall out of our regular routines and develop less-healthy habits, like staying up late or streaming Netflix all day. Think about your normal routine, and hold yourself to it if you can. For example, wake up and go to bed around the same time, swap your gym routine for at-home workouts, and keep up your study schedule.

  • Try to create a new healthy habit for yourself. For example, if you’ve been meaning to start exercising or doing yoga, now might be the right time to create a new habit that will get your endorphins flowing. There are tons of workout videos online, and many companies are offering free resources right now!

  • Stay informed, but monitor your media intake. It’s important to keep up-to-date about health and safety news. But constantly consuming media can make us feel more anxious, less in control, and less safe. Try limiting your media intake to certain times during the day (e.g., after breakfast), a specific length of time (e.g., 30 minutes twice a day), or certain days (e.g., weekdays only).

  • Seek support and stay social. Maybe now more than ever, it’s important to take care of our social wellness, even as we practice physical distancing. Call, FaceTime, or Snapchat a friend or family member every day. Start a group text or Google Hangout with your study partners. Message your friends on Facebook instead of just scrolling through your feed.

  • Adopt mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Practicing meditation, deep breathing, and being present can help with worries and anxiety. Find free meditation and mindfulness resources available online.

  • Get out without leaving your house. Visit a museum, go to a zoo or aquarium, attend a concert, visit a national park – virtually.

Halfway There!

Well, we have reached the midpoint of the 2020-2021 school year. The second semester started Monday, January 4. Report cards will show grades from the first semester. These grades are particularly important since units for promotion to the next grade are determined by these grades. Students who failed one or more classes will have an opportunity to have their Semester 2 grades improve their Semester one grades, and Summer School may be available for students to make up additional units. After receiving your students report card, if you have questions about promotion requirements, please email Ms. Lawrence,

8th grade PGHS Registration and Save the Dates

Dear PGMS 8th Grade Families,

We are already starting the preparations to welcome your student to Pacific Grove High School for the 2021-2022 school year. While you're student is focusing on a strong finish to their Middle School years, we're gearing up to create their schedules for 9th grade. I look forward to 'seeing' you all in January 2021!

Mrs. Rice,

PGHS Counselor

Grades 9 & 10


PGMS Parent Night Zoom meeting: Wednesday, 13 January 2021, 6:30-8:00 PM

PGMS Course Registration via Zoom in PGMS English classes: Thursday, 14 January and Friday, 15 January 2021

PGMS Honors/AP Night Zoom meeting: Wednesday, 27 January 2021, 6:30-8:00 PM

Zoom links for the meetings will emailed as the date is closer.

Honors Breakfast

The Honors Breakfast is hosted by the PGMS PTSA 7th grade Committee. It will be on Monday, January 25, 2021, as a drive-by at First Awakenings, from 7:30 a.m.- 8:45 a.m. More details to follow as the date gets closer. Eligible students, who received a GPA of 3.5 and above from October 19, 2020- December 18, 2020, will receive an invitation via email to their school PGUSD email account. If your student qualifies and did not receive an invitation, please let the office know as soon as possible. The invitations will be emailed out to the eligible students the week of January 18, 2021.

Coping Skills and Strategies

The counseling team will be hosting an optional, virtual, skills-based group designed to teach students effective coping skills and strategies that can help reduce stress, as well as anxiety and depressive symptoms, such as social isolation, worried thoughts, poor sleep, decreased energy, and avoidance behaviors. This group is being offered once a week for approximately 10 weeks beginning late January. It will cover evidence-based skills for coping with, and managing, difficult emotions.

This optional, virtual group will be offered on Mondays at lunchtime. Space is limited. If your student is interested contact Zoe Roach

Share Your Story - Become a Guest Speaker!

  • Do you have a job that you LOVE?

  • Did going to college make all the difference?

  • Do kids think what you do is amazing, fascinating, or just cool?

  • Have you overcome obstacles and/or the odds to make it to where you are in your life or career?

  • Has your work ethic, mindset, or passion for your work helped you accomplish your goals?

Share your story and inspire AVID Students at PGMS!

The AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) classes are sending out an all-call to anyone interested in becoming a guest speaker! AVID encourages students to expand their horizons of what it would take to earn a college degree and enhance their lives to seek out greater career opportunities beyond what they have ever imagined.

If interested, please submit a brief biography, including a brief summary of your education and career journey (and anything related to the prompts at the top of this article) to Jason Tovani, PGMS AVID Coordinator and Assistant Principal, at The AVID Team will reach out to you to pick a date and time for you to join the class and share your story.

Not you, but a friend? Feel free to share this opportunity with friends and family that might be interested. Thank you for considering this opportunity!

Hot dogs, Tater Tots, Brussel Sprouts...

A heartfelt thank you to PGMS PTSA and Lucy's on Lighthouse for providing an after school meal for our teachers and staff. The food was delicious and the company was great. Thank you for showing your appreciation to PGMS Teachers and Staff while helping support a local restaurant!

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, No School, Monday, January 18

Yearbook 8th grade Ad

Please click on the Herff Jones image to create a Yearbook Ad and/or order a yearbook.

The school order/number is 16072.

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