Personality Type: True Colors...

By: Cole Marciniak

The overview of my color

I need to feel unique and authentic Enthusiastic, Sympathetic, Personal I look for meaning and significance in life Warm, Communicative, Compassionate I need to contribute, to encourage, and to care Idealistic, Spiritual, Sincere I value integrity and unity in relationships Peaceful, Flexible, Imaginative I am a natural romantic, a poet, a nurturer.

Child hood and Relationships

As a child my father passed away, so for the first few years of my life i had no relationship with a father figure. I also moved schools so I broke relationships with all my friends and had to start anew. As you transition to the Junior High a lot of your relationships fade away and you are left with who really matter and are true friends with.

Work and Leadership

I am a member of my church council. I also volunteer my time to the less fortunate through my church. We have made cookies for elderly, go to soup kitchens and rake at assisted living homes.

Symptoms of Bad Days

When I am having a bad day I get very cranky and cant focus. This affects my school day and home life. When i cant focus I cant do school work. This reflects on some grades.

Thoughts about my Color

I do not agree with my color at all. I don't like poetry and i believe in discipline instead of encouragement. Sports play the largest role in my life not natural romance or anything like that. Most times i just accept life for what it is i don't waste time looking for a deeper meaning. All that accomplishes is wasting time.
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The 3 Best and Worst Charactoristics

The three that best fit me are Enthusiastic, Communicative, and Integrity. The three I least agree with are Poetic, Nurturer, and Flexible.

Jobs that Fit my Color




How my Colors Affect me at Work

As a surgeon I need to be a very good communicator with my patients, I also need to have integrity in my work. But as a surgeon my integrity could also hurt me if I know I did something wrong. Also as a coach if I lost a game my integrity could blind me form the fact I need to make changes.