Norrie Disease

By: Ryan Wood

What is Norrie Disease?

Norrie Disease is an eye disease that causes males to become blind at birth or at a young age. They could possibly become deaf too.
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Norrie Disease also can cause hearing loss, and autism.

Who discovered it?

Signs & Symptoms

  • Recurrent vitreous hemorrhages
  • Blindness
  • Mass behind clear eye lens
  • Cataract
  • Corneal opacification
  • Shrunken eyeball
  • Retinal malformation
  • Retinal folds
  • Detached Retina
  • Diabetes
  • Pupils appear white when light shone on them
  • Developmental delay in motor skills
  • Delayed Walking
  • Delayed sitting up
  • Psychosis
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How do you get this disorder?

It's inherited. Norrie Disease is a rare X-linked genetic disorder.
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How often does this occur in the population?

Norrie Disease affects less than 200,000 people annually.
It's a rare disease.

Body Systems Affected

Norrie Disease affects your eyes and sometimes your brain.
Norrie Disease in commonly found in men, but there's a small chance a woman could also have it. It's not specific to any ethnicity either.


There's no cure for this disease. Nothing can stop somebody with Norrie Disease from losing eyesight or hearing.


This disease doesn't affect lifespan at all. People with this disease can live a full life.