Curly Calf Syndrome

Arthrogryposis Multiplex


  • Arthrogryposis Multiplex
  • Commonly known as Curly Calf Syndrome
  • Discovered cases in 1991
  • Found in 2008 it was caused by a simple recessive gene
  • Traced back to Precision 1680
  • Precision 1680 was one of the leading Angus sires in that time.

What is Curly Calf Syndrome?

  • Caused by a simple recessive gene in Angus or Angus crossbreed cattle
  • Result of a deletion of a small segment of DNA
  • Calves are born dead, or die shortly after birth
  • Spine and legs appear crooked or twisted
  • Leg joints are fixed in position
  • Calves are small and thin
  • Carriers appear normal


  • DNA test found in 2008 detects carriers
  • If cattle tests positive for a carrier, you can still breed it with non-carriers
  • Only two carriers can create a curly calf
  • Two carriers have 25% chance of CCS free, 50% carrier offspring, and 25% CCS affected

What could make this more preventable? Is there anyway we could force breeders to get their cows tested?