The Park Of South Sudan!

Jessenia Luna Deja Nichols Julie Castillo

South Sudan Medical Care and Location/Population

~Has alarge population of people.

~they speak multiple languages

~5 major disease such as rabies

~31 adults get aids

~2,054 deaths/100,000 live births

~69.97 deaths/1,000 live births

~Degree of risk is very high


Independant since July 9th 2011.


~Electricity-productions:881.3 million kWh (2010)

~Electicity-consumption:694.1 million kWh (2010)

~Electricity-exports: 0 kWh (2012)

~Electricity-installed generating capaction:255,200 kWh (2010)

~Electricity-from fossil fuels:30.7% of total installed capacity (2010)

~Electricity-from nuclear fuels:fuels:0% of total capacity (2010)

~ELectricity-from other renewable sources: 3% of total installed capacity (2010)

~Electricity-from hydroelectric plants; 66.3% of total installed capacity (2010)

~Crude oil production: 86,480 bbl/day (2012)

~crude oil-exports:291.800 bbl/day (2010)

~crude oil-inports: 0 bbl/day 92010)

~crude oil-proved reserves:3.75 billion bbl (1 January 2013)

~Reired pet roleum proucts imports:13,050 bbl/day

~Natural Gas-productions: 0cu m (2011 est)

~Natural Gas Consumption: 0 cu m (2010)

~Natural Gas-Exports: 0 cu m (2011)

~natural Gas- Imorts: 0cu m (2011)

~Natural Gas-proved reserves: 63.7 billion

~Carbon Dioxide missions from consumption of energy: 461.6 (2011)