Ulysses S. Grant

By: Juyoung S. and Chase P.

Early Years

  • Grant was born on April 27,1822 at Point Pleasant,Ohio and died on July 23,1885 at Mount McGregor,New York
  • He went to United States Military Academy at West Point for his education.He didn't really excel at school. He received average grades,received several demerits. But he did well in Mathematics,Geology, and in Horsemanship.He graduated in 1843. He was one of the three presidents who graduated and went to a college.
  • Before Civil War,Grant joined the military.He was part of the Mexican-American War serving as a quartermaster and overseeing the movement of supplies.He married Julia Dent in 1848. He had 4 children. Then later in 1853, he became captain transferred to Fort Humboldt.In 1854, he moved back where his family was and tried to plant crops on his father-in-law's given land, but failed.Finally in 1860, he worked in a tannery business that was his father's with his 2 younger brothers.

Contribution to the Civil War

He was a general and a commander of the Union side during the Civil War. He helped defeat the Confederate side and helped lead the Union soldiers in the wars. General Lee surrendered to General Grant at the Appomattox Court House. He was known for his strong leadership.

Life after the Civil War

He became the 18th President of the United States. He ratified the 15th Amendment. He also got promoted to be a full general. He oversaw the military portion of the Reconstruction.Grant didn't get to serve a third term.After leaving the presidency, he asked Mark Twain if he could publish his best selling memoirs to people. After he left the White House, in 1884, he was suffering from a throat cancer and he was strapped for cash.When he died at age 63, he was buried in New York City. He had memorials and statues of his bravery and his strategies of the war.

Interesting Facts

  • He was shy,quiet, and reserved when he was young like his mother.
  • His original name was Hiram Ulysses Grant.
  • He had 2 nicknames,"U.S. Grant" and "Unconditional Surrender Grant."
  • Both of his parents were still alive when he went into his presidency.
  • He didn't like the sight of blood even though he had fought in one of the worst battles in American History.