Come to Maycomb!

"Come for a day Stay for a lifetime"

Why not come to heaven?

Why not come to Maycomb, Alabama? its Beautiful, if you like hot weather then this is the place for you! Its summer all year long, its as if there isn't a winter!have kids? No Problem!!!! There aren't many kids but there are the Finch's Scout and Jem. There are so many people to get to know! Stephanie Crawford (Neighborhood gossip), Mrs. Dubose is a terrible lady just don't get on her bad side cause if you do you'll never here the end of it, and Then theres Boo Radley the mysterious neighbor who never comes out unless no one is watching!

If You Come You'll Never Want To Leave!

Looking for a Job?

There are many jobs you can get in Maycomb. You can be a farmer, a truck driver, a sheriff, or as Atticus is you can become a lawyer, or become a medicine like Uncle Jack.