Saving Siblings

By Giovanni Morales

Help Save Siblings Relationships to One and Other

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help siblings that have fallen in foster care to be together. By keeping them together they can create a relationship like siblings should have that is stronger than that if they were separated.

Children in U.S Foster Care

Estimated 400,540 children alone

Younger Than 1 - 6%

1 - 5 yrs - 32%

6 - 10 yrs - 21%

11 - 15 yrs - 23%

16 - 18 yrs - 18%

18 yrs - 2%

How Many Siblings get Separated each Year

In studies that have shown sibling separation is very common. The separation is common in larger number of siblings. Since there is more brothers and sisters than Foster parents can accommodate separation has to occur. "In a UK study that shows thousands of siblings are being split up. Action for Children obtained the data through a Freedom of Information request. They show that of the 11,082 children with siblings placed in care between April 2013 and March 2014 (across 159 councils), around 3,598 were separated. That's 32 percent - or roughly, a third" - Claire Cohen of The Telegraph News Reporters.

How Many Stay Together?

This study is one of the only studies that was conducted by ChildWelfare services that followed siblings to see how many placements were still intact 4 years after admission. Researchers found that of those who were placed together, 79 percent were still intact 4 years later. Some of those siblings that were separated came together; among sibling groups that were completely separated in their initial placement, 51 percent were intact at the end of 4 years

How Hard is it?

The emotional toll on a child that is separated by his/her sibling may engage in negative behaviors that cause problems in the fostering home in an effort to be reunited with their siblings. Siblings who are placed together in foster care have fewer emotional and behavioral problems than those who are placed apart. Sibling relationships are often the longest lasting bonds children have with anyone in their lives. So this is why it is so important to keep siblings together so these emotional and physical mishaps do not happen. Such as crying, isolation, bullying, being disobedient, and etc.

Who is Doing Something About It?

One organization that is doing something about it. Angels' Arms is a non-profit organization that buys and maintains homes for foster parents who care for siblings. With it being so difficult to keep sibling groups together.

Call to action

At the bottom of this page I strongly encourage anyone to please donate to this organization that helps keep siblings together that are in foster care.


Frequently Asked Questions About Fostering

Q: What is a Foster Parent?
A: A Foster Parent is a professional parent who provides substitute temporary care for dependent children. Foster Parents are a very important bridge between a children’s past and their future.

Q: How long will a foster child stay in a home?
A: Children may remain in your home for a few months or as long as a year or more.

Q: Do I have to be married to be a Foster Parent?
A: You do not have to be married to be a Foster Parent. If you are married, your spouse will need to attend the MAPP (Modeling Approach to Partnership in Parenting) class.

Q: How old do I have to be to be a Foster Parent?
A: You must be at least 21 years old to be a Foster Parent.

Angels' Arms

Help this organization and donate to keep siblings together.