The Struggle in Africa with Water

Congo's Water in Crisis

Although the DRC use to be one of the wettest nations in Africa,today the majority of rural Congolese do not have access to sanitary water beacause of the lack of infrastructure. After a major war, water became an increasingly sparse resource due to the collapse of the DRC's infrastructure during the fighting. The problem in Congo is that there local water holes are used for daily use and as drinking water. These waters are polluted by bacteria of animals that bathe in the water. There are no water pipes to purify the water, but water can be bought in a bottle for $1. This may seem cheap to us Americans, but while the people of Congo recieve about $2, it is an impossible luxury to have. Drinking dirty water can cause throat infections and many more side affects. Water pollution can cause heart failure for animals.

Africa... and Possible Solutions

Possible Solutions

The easiest and cheapest solution is sending water filters( jugs that one holds water and purifys water in it). On average, these water jugs are $20. This project can be funded by donating money to the