Foreign Policy - ISIS

Maddy Casey 7th Period

ISIS - Who Are They?

ISIS, also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is a terrorist group known for killing dozens of people at a time and performing public executions. ISIS's goal is to create an Islamic state called a Caliphate across Iraq and Syria and many other countries. ISIS started as a small al Qaeda splinter group then made its way up to a notorious terrorist group. The goal of ISIS is to enforce Sharia Law, which is basically to create a society that mirrors ancient past.

Power Vacuum

A power vacuum is a political term used when the power structure of a nation or region becomes weak. ISIS has continued to expand its caliphate which has doubled the amount of land they control in Syria. Millions of more Syrians are now living under harsh ISIS rule. ISIS has managed to spread its control over Syria since the summer which is just a few months despite more than 800 coalition air strikes.

What could've led to the formation of ISIS?

Iraq is a country that is very diverse between religion, culture, and ethnicities. In my opinion, I think the formation of ISIS was fueled by the feeling of inequity. Another cause that could've led to the rise of ISIS is the flow of weapons the Syrian civil war has brought to the region. If people weren't open to those level of weapons, ISIS probably would have not grown as much as it has.


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My Opinion

If I was the president of the United States, my foreign policy would be Involvement. I chose this because we are in alliance with France, who was recently attacked by the terrorist group, and threats were made towards the United States from ISIS. Since threats were made towards the U.S., I as a president would close the borders. ISIS stated that they "want to see each of us dead" so just to keep American's safe, I'd close the borders. I wouldn't send troops to the Middle East because they haven't attacked America yet and so I wouldn't want to start any feuds that could harm American people.

Interview 1 - My Mom

I think the threats posed by ISIS are very serious and they need to be dealt in severity and force. I am concerned about ISIS because they pose a threat to all free United Nations. Yes, I do think the US government should be concerned because they have targeted our closest ally which is France and they could do the same to America. I think we should be very concerned to the comment "they want to see each of us dead" and I hope the presidential administration is taking the upmost precautions to protect our country.

Interview 2 - My Brother

In my opinion, I think the threats from ISIS to the United States is a major deal and we need to be doing something about it immediently. I would take the threats of them wanting to see all of us dead very seriously because we all did see what just happened in France, who is one of our nations allies. We need to secure our borders to prevent any terrorist groups from harming innocent Americans.