Techie Tidbit Tuesday

April 28, 2015

Web 3.0 Technology

Many would say the Web has entered in a new phase of evolution. As an extension to Web 2.0 (and according to Wikipedia) Web 3.0 is explained as connective intelligence, connecting data, concepts, applications and ultimately people.

Check out this article to learn more.

A Brief Introduction to Web 3.0

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Above image courtesy of Monsoon Cartoons.

Quote of the week

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" --- Robin Williams

Tool of the Week - is a simple Web 2.0 Tool that lets you brainstorm, create colorful mind-maps and share them with others. Critical thinking skills are cultivated when mind mapping is used to examine the different elements of a new subject.

Benefits to using

Easy to use

Doesn't require an account unless you want to save work

Aids in fostering ideas

Encourages group discussions

Includes multiple intelligences

Tip of the Week - Back to the Future!

A website that lets you send an email to your future self. works like a simple webmail service, but let's you specify the day in which you receive the email - be it a warning, advice or a simple "hello" from the past. Students can use this tool to record future expectations or goals they want to accomplish. Also, a creative writing assignment can have the students looking forward to the future. Check it out!

Appy Hour

Free educational apps for teachers and students.

Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Froehling's 1st graders are at it again! They created lyrics and motions to a song they call "All About No Gaps" (to the tune of It's All About That Bass). Check it out!
All About No Gaps 1