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What a beautiful week we have ahead of us!
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Math Adventures

Fraction, Fractions Everywhere! We are picking up from where 4th grade left off and we are moving forward with our Fraction Learning. Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Like and Unlike Denominators is currently our Learning Goal for this week. Below you will find some additional resources to use. Students have assignments in ThinkCentral that will help them. The log in is the same as there school log in.

This is the online component to the Math Expression workbook.


When your child logs into BrainPOP, the login is student bre. Their ordinal number goes between the t and the b. For example, the third student in class would use the login student3bre. The students' password is their student ID number.

Math Learning Goals

All students have learning goals for Math Fluency in Multiplication or Division. We have a written copy in our Binders and we each have an individual video stating what we are going to do to achieve our goals! We are taking Math Fluency tests each Monday through the month of September. It is important to know your Math Facts in 5th grade. The students can see the growth they have made by putting in the extra time. Many students are much closer to proficiency! Great Job, Dragons!

Lines of Communication

You can also join Remind by texting to 81010 the message @beardensd .

The link for the Smore will be sent.

Divisibility Rules

We are practicing our Divisibility Rules. Some of the Divisors have very unique rules. If you are ready to be amazed, ask your child about them! Divisibility Rules help with Simplifying Fractions. For example, an even numerator and an even denominator will always be divisible by 2.