Teachers are not payed enough

English assignment By Iesha lalande

I believe teachers are not being payed enough because,

  • in Queensland public school graduate teachers initially get paid $58,437 a year and the senior teachers are earning $85,557.
  • NSW graduates are being payed $59,706 a year while top teachers earn $89,050.
  • The Northern Territory offers $62,017 a year to graduates and $114,737 to specialist teachers. Public teachers in the Northern Territory are paid a maximum of $88,941 a year.
  • South Australian teachers start on $59,629 a year and earn up to $85,999, additional training can top that up to $89,201.
  • Tasmania's graduates earn $57,565 a year while the highest paid teachers are paid $84,184.
  • VICTORIA'S graduates this year initially get paid $60,220 and the higher class teachers are paid $94,408

An average worker earns a whopping $300.000 a year!!! These results are no where near as much as an average worker would earn in a year.

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