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Kids holiday workshops

The first of our kids holiday workshops is now on offer

We now have 2 amazing workshops on offer. These are a 2 part workshop.

Day 1: Make a Tie Dye T-Shirt.

Day 2: Create a logo and cut it into a link block. We then print your logo on your Tie Dye T- Shirt. We will practice on brown paper, so you will be making wrapping paper you can take home.

Tie Dye and Pintmaking

You can just create a Tie Dye T-Shirt. You don't have to do Day 2. If you choose to do day 2 you will learn how to create a Lino block logo that you can take home and create more unique T-Shirts or wrapping paper.

Michelle Schmitzer

Dates and Costs

Day 1: Tuesday 13th January 2015. 9 am til 12 pm

Cost: $25. This includes t-Shirt .tie dye & morning tea

Day 2: Thursday 15th January 2015. 9am til 12 pm

Cost: $25. This includes Lino block, use of tools, print ink & morning tea

If participants finish early, a mosaic will be available for them.