This is my pick for making money on a daily basis online.

Instant Rewards

If you are looking for a solid way to make additional income, with minimal effort, I strongly recommend Instant Rewards. I have personally made money on a daily basis and I have shown my friends to do the same. The most I have earned in a week is about $600 which was deposited into my Paypal account within 24 hours. The best thing about it is that all I had to do was "try" a few product or service offers that I was interested in then I was instantly qualified to earn money by referring others to do the same. I spent a couple bucks per offer but with my first referral I had earned 10 times as much. As time went by I expected some type of hidden fee but after nearly a year all I have ever done is earn money. There is no additional fee to remain a qualified member. The beauty of it all is that you can try the offers and if you don't like them you can simply cancel within the trial period. I tried a few offers in order to earn my credits but I cancelled most of them on the last day of the trial period except for Gamefly and the Disney books for the kids. In my experience this has been a absolute win. I recommend you watch the video below for more information and at minimum try making $20 per referral and once you do then go for the $60 per referral. The links are provided below. Just make sure you see my name, Alexander Alonzo, as the person who referred you so that I can support you. If you don't see my name there just come back to this site and follow the link. Thanks!

Some of My Personal Earnings

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The reason I recommend starting with the $20 or $30 is because they require the least amount of trial offers being completed. Then you can return and complete the $60 referral. That will allow you to earn $90+ from each person you refer if you lead them in this same manner.

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