The Return Of the Mammoth

Mammoths have become extinct for over the past 10,000 years.

Where did the mammoth go?

Mammoths have now been extinct for over the past 10000 years ago during the Ice Age time period,due to the misuse of the mammoth by hunters,severe floods and also vegetation from protein rich herbs to less nutritious grass could behind their death.People in several states have found multiple remains of the mammoth bones and studied the identification of the animals and also studied of how they lived and how they died

What happened before and after the mammoths appearance?

The Effect of the Mammoth Disappearance

During the mammoths time period the mammoths had there way of living,like what to eat and drink and where was there home.This was all fine until i guess we came.Humans during that time period sought the mammoths as a source of food which meant they started to kill all types of mammoth to get a source of food to be able to survive,but it wasn't always the humans who caused the mammoth to die out it was the weather as well.In that time period they had serve floods and some mammoth even other animals where not able to escape the server weather.And when they did have serve floods after the plants would become ruined and mammoth would starve since they consume over a thousands pounds of grass.

Religious Communities and there Origin Stories

I think the religious communities would did dig much deeper to prove that there starting story was correct.They would find for evidence and continue to investigate there opinion and story and what they think or what they know of what is right .To them there opinion mattered and i think they want to make sure that there origin story was right and that no body could prove that there story was wrong

The Dodo Bird

The dodo is an extinct flightless bird that was found in a certain area to the Island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.On the picture below is the estimate calculations of the dodo bird's body,neck,feet,tail and head.
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