A Trip To Caracas, Venezuela

3 day, 2 nights


You will leave at 6am in the morning, from the Des Moines Airport, on May 18th and arrive there at 8:25pm. There is a stop at Chicago for 2 hours. I will eat while I am at the Chicago Airport. The plane ride will be about 14 hours. It will cost around $1,600.

When you arrive

Monday, May 13th 2013 at 9:30pm

The Marriott Hotel

When you arrive you will go to the 4 star Marriott Hotel in Caracas. You will stay there for two nights. You will check in at 9:45pm and check out at 8:30am on May 15th. It costs $350 a night. It has free wifi, breakfast buffet, and an indoor pool and spa.

My First Day

I will leave the hotel at 9:30am and go straight to the Cabin de Cost which is the meeting place for the day tour of Caracas. I will get there by taking the bus. It will take me about 25 minutes to get there including all of the bus stops we have to make. On the tour we will see tour attractions, like the Angel Falls and La Isla and eat at famous places, like the Alto and The Maruge Grill. We will get back to the Cabin de Cost at 8:30. The whole tour is a total of $150.

My Second Day

On the second day I will leave the hotel at 9am and go to the Segway Station. It will give you a 30 minute teaching of how to ride a segway and then a group of 12 will go to the famous street where all of the shopping is done. There are many shops and places to eat on that street. The total of the Segway Tour is $44 not including the stuff you will buy which is about $120.

My Three Day

My third day is all about relaxing. I will sleep in and I will leave the hotel about 10:30am. I will eat breakfast and then go the the hotel spa. The spa will take about an hour and they will charge you $50. Then I will go back to my room take a 30 minute nap. Then I will leave the hotel and go to the beach. I will relax for a little bit and then it is recommended to take surfing lessons. Then I will take surfing lesson which is $25. Then I will check out of the hotel and go to the airport.

Plane Trip Back

The plane will leave at 5:00pm and will go straight back to the Des Moines Airport. We will arrive there at 6:00am the next morning. It will take about 13 hours.

Total Cost

The total cost of the trip is about.... $3,335.