The Rise of US Industry

Carissa Shipley

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John D. Rockefeller

Who: John D Rockefeller was a founder and chairman of Standard Oil, and he was also the world's first billionaire. He went into the railroad industry as well, buying railroads so opposing oil companies couldn't transport their oil, then he would buy them out.

What: Rockefeller was the world's first billionaire, and he basically owned a monopoly.

When: Standard Oil was started in June of 1870.

Where: Standard Oil was based in Ohio

Why: I think it's important because Standard Oil is the perfect example of when we allow a company to grow too big, it may become a monopoly. Also, the world's first billionaire is a pretty important title.

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Thomas Edison

Who: Thomas Edison was a great inventor who had over 1,000 patents in the US. He invented things such as the lightbulb, phonograph, and motion picture camera.

What: He invented many things, mainly made in his lab at Menlo Park.

When: The invention that got him noticed was the phonograph in 1877.

Where: His laboratory, Menlo Park, was located in New Jersey, in a town now named after him.

Why: I think that it's important to know about Thomas Edison since he invented things that everyday life wouldn't be the same without, namely the lightbulb.

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Railroad Strikes of 1877

Who: The workers on the railroad first started uprising on July 14, 1877, in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

What: The Railroad Strike was various riots and uprisings in 1877 in major cities such as Pittsburgh, Chicago, and St. Louis, and there were riots for a few weeks.

When: It took place in the US in 1877 for 45 days before it was broken up by the government.

Where: In various major cities like Chicago and Pittsburgh.

Why: I think this is important because it set the stage for future violence acts.

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Time Zones

Who: Sanford Fleming invented Standard Time in 1879.

What: Time zones are areas divided by imaginary lines where the time goes ahead or behind one hour depending on which direction you're going in.

When: Standard Time was first invented in 1879, and it was proposed that all time zones would have the same time, but this has changed.

Where: There are 24 time zones all around the world.

Why: It is important to know this because you can know when you need to change your clock when traveling. (?)

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