Dr. Melvin C. Swann Middle School

FAQ 2021-22 School Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment to you is to create a sustainable learning environment that promotes high-quality instruction, a culture of collaboration, a culture of belonging, and deep care for the student and each other well-being. Therefore, we will use FAQ to provide the most up-to-date information. Please note that information contained in this FAQ is subject to change as new information, data, or state directives become available.

Is Swann a Restart School?

Yes, Swann Middle is a Restart School. In summary, it means that we will have flexibility in our scheduling as well as additional unrestricted funds that can be used to increases our instructional practices and student engagement.

Open House Date and Time

We are super excited for the restart of school. We will have our Open House on

  • Aug. 10th from 4pm - 7 pm
  • A recording of Open House will be listed on the school website.

Please visit our school website for additional information.

First and Last Day of School

First Day of School: August 16, 2021

Last Day of School: June 10, 2022

Please click on link for more details.


Are students required to wear mask/face coverings?

Yes, all students, staff, and visitors are required to wear face covering per state policy and CDC guidelines .

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Locations

As part of the continue focus to increase student safety we will continue our Arrival and Dismissal Locations as listed below. Please adhere to the location.

  • Bus Riders Arrival/Dismissal Location - Cypress St (Front of the building)
  • Car Riders Arrival/Dismissal Location - Yanceyville St (Back of the building)

What are the school times?

  • Student Arrival: 9:00 am
  • First Core: 9:20 am
  • Student Dismissal: 4:20 pm

Water Fountains

  • Water Fountains will remain covered. Please allow students to bring a closed container to access water from the water cooler.

How do apply for transportation for my student?

Parents may obtain their child's bus information by using any of the methods below:

1) Parents are encouraged to sign-up for Here Comes the Bus (HCTB). HTCB is a school bus tracking app that shows the real-time location of the bus. It provides scheduled and actual arrival times at home and school, as well as push and email notifications when the bus is near your child’s stop. You can access bus information by logging into your “Here Comes the Bus” account or by visiting the website www.herecomesthebus.com and downloading the app from the App Store or Google play and using code 87491 to create an account.

2) PowerSchool Parent Portal - Parents/guardians must sign up to access bus assignment information. To register for the PowerSchool Parent Portal, parents will need their child’s Student ID number (student’s lunch number and NCEdCloud username, which is used for remote learning.)

3) You can also obtain bus information by contacting your child's school.

When students return to Swann, will SMOD (standard mode of dress) be required?

Because of COVID impact on the many changes our families have endured we will extend our NO SMOD fo the upcoming school year (2021-22). However we will adhere to the GCS dress code as describe on district website and our school webpage.

Tdap and MCV Vaccinations

Whether children are home-schooled, attend school in-person or by remote learning, they are required by state law to be immunized based on their age for certain vaccinations as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All 7th graders will be required to provide documentation of Tdap and MCV vaccinations within the first 30 days of school.

Will I be able to have lunch delivered to my student or bring them lunch?

No, in order to limited the amount of visitors in the school as well as to increase school safety, students are not allowed to have lunch delivered or brought to them through out the school day.


To adhere to the COVID protocols for k-8 schools lunch will be in the classroom instead of the cafeteria.

What school supplies will my student need?

Student supplies will be similar to the general needs of face to face instruction, however it may vary per teacher or per content. General supplies such as paper, pencil, pens, highlighter, etc.

How can I receive a device for my child?

Students who had devices last year will receive their devices during the first 30 days of school. New students may have to complete Nearpod lessons, student contract, and parent contract prior to receiving their laptop. Once completed families will schedule and appointment for pickup or the device will be given to the student.

2021-22 Sports Update

As of now we are hoping to have all sports this upcoming year. However, state guidance has not been provided for middle schools. Please stay tune for additional information.