Student Poetry from Period 2

Inspired by The Hunger Games

Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars "Safe & Sound" (from The Hunger Games Soundtrack)

Found Poem: The Shock

"Primrose Everdeen."

It was as if the impact had knocked every wisp of air from my lungs

Unable to speak.

Someone was gripping my arm,

I started to fall.

Then I see her, the blood drained from her face,

Hands clenched in fists at her sides.

That brings me back to myself.

With one sweep of my arm I push her behind me,

"I volunteer," I gasp.

"I volunteer as tribute!"

by Sofi C.

Peeta Mellark

Hazel brown eyes that sparkle in the moon light.

Tastes like the color of his hair: honey butter,

and smells like a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven.

Feels like watching the sun rise.

Sounds like the sway of the palm trees that dance in the ocean breeze.

He looks like sweet cotton candy.

The odds are always in his favor–the odds that died.

Peeta Mellark is a hero of District 12.

by Regina N.


Sorrow is the black of the coal dust
It tastes like a thousand tears
It smells like the darkened dust on the path home
It feels like the searing pain of work and no sleep
It sounds like the screaming of a thousand men shouting for rebellion
It looks like the black powder on the streets to the hob
Sadness is as black as the night skies

by Keegan M.


Lonely is a cloudy gray

and it tastes like bread broken for one

It smells like coal dust in the mine

It feels like running with no one else there

and it sounds like the reaping,

carrying out a crying Prim

It looks like an empty table with a dull look on your face

Lonely is silent woods far away from the city

by Valerie S.


Joy is yellow

And it tastes like sweet cookies from the bakery

It smells of fresh sourdough bread right out of the oven

And it feels like a warm blanket sitting by the fire on a cold winter day

It sounds like a soft comforting voice

And looks like a young innocent boy

joy is hope for the doubtful tributes

by Ryan N.

Found Poem: Tracker Jacker Attack

The pain. The swelling. The ooze.
Features eradicated.
The empty shell.

Completely mad.
The mayhem.

“To the lake!” “To the lake!”
Hallucinations begin.

Spewing green liquid.

My knee the size of an orange.

“Is this real?”

by Nina G.

The Wonderful Life of Cato

In a district of glory
With nothing but pride
Has food to eat every night

Volunteers at 18
With a 98% percent chance of winning
He goes to the capitol

He shows his strengths
But not his weaknesses
His score is 10

He enters the arena
He kills about 6 at the start
And forms an alliance

Slowly his alliance dies
Mainly by his main antagonist
Katniss Everdeen

The food explodes
"I actually have to hunt to survive"
"This is new", he thinks

He walks in the woods
All of a sudden

Mutts attack him

He runs to the cornucopia

Only to find Katniss and Peeta

The Hunger Games have started

Gets Peeta in a head lock

Katniss shoots him in the arm

Peeta pushes him to the ground

He is dead

by Sam H.

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