Changing Careers

By: Trenton McCleery

Considering a Change

  • Do your research- Make sure you know what your getting in to.
  • Find a Mentor- find someone that you look up to and learn a butch from them.
  • Researching New Careers- let your options out pick what you want and have options.

Developing a Plan

  • Training and Education- Pay attention to what they teach you
  • Decide what you want- Make up your mind and find what you want to do.

Making a Change

  • Be Flexible- your hours in your job mite be crapy at first or it mite be good or they put you in a bad shift or call you in.

Beginning the Journey

  • Be Patient- When you are wanting to get rolling but your new boss thinks your not ready, trust him your probable not.
  • Be Willing To Start Over- You will have to start all over from the bottom and as the new guy or girl and work your way up.