Mrs. Roberts' First Grade News

February 1st - February 5th


Here's what we're learning this week!

I apologize for being a day late on the newsletter!

Class Projects

We are working on using metacognition while working on our nonfiction research book and they are really enjoying learning interesting facts about their animal. Thank you for taking care of their internet resource at home!

Class Monkey Money Store

To help motivate your students to learn to count money, I have opened a "store". With plastic money, they will earn the chance to purchase toys from our classroom store. The catch is they have to be able to count out the money to pay for their toy and toy prices change all the time to prevent students from memorizing one specific price. If they are unable to count out the correct amount of money, they will have to skip a turn and continue to practice counting money at home. I reminded your kiddos that this is not a reward, but rather a motivation to learn to count money! In their backpacks you will find plastic money to help them practice at home. You can call out random prices and have them count out the the amount for you.

Example: 63 cents, 99 cents, $1.79, etc.

Raz- Kids Competition

For the whole month of February, whichever class reads the most books and has a combination of the most stars earned will win a trip to the park! If you need log in information, please let me know. We will be tracking progress in the hallways. Please help our class win!!! Thank you for your help! We want to walk proud when walking past our progress graph in the hall! Raz-Kids has an app for tablets and smartphones.

*** If you are not able to open educational links that I have attached in our newsletters, try to right click with your mouse over the link and click "open link in new tab" OR "open link in new window". If you have any problems, please let me know!


Tornado Math

Guided Reading Readers

Sight Words

Math Facts

Reading and Writing

  • past tense -ed cont.
  • contractions
  • long vowels

Reading: (continued)
  • Metacognition - thinking about my thinking
  • Nonfiction Writing

Sight Words

Fry Sight Words- Student's Individual Word Goals


Literature: Non-fiction Weather Books


Spelling pattern

long u:

cute, rule, tune, huge, cube, rude, mule, use, flute, June, get, because, are, said

Dictation Sentences:

1. Can I use the nice flute?

2. I like the cute mule.

3. The dog is huge!


In math we are moving on to addition and subtraction story problems and we will continue to review money as well.




PE Shoes! Please send your child to school in tennis shoes for PE. They will be unable to participate without the proper shoes. Our PE days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Library Books: Please make sure your child brings their library book to exchange for a new book every MONDAY. If they do not return their book they will not be able to check out a new book. (Our day to return books has changed)

Reader Bags: PLEASE make sure your child's reading bag is sent to school EVERY day. I meet with each group daily and will not be able to send a new book home if the last book is not returned. Also, please know that each book is part of a set so please help your child keep up with their guided reading books. Thank you!!!

Snacks: We have snack everyday. Please send your child to school with a snack. I have a few backup snacks for those that don't bring snack, but my supplies are limited. Thank you!

Headphones/ Ear Buds: Please send to school with your child's name or initials on them.

Volunteers: Volunteer applications must be renewed every year. Please visit to complete this process.

Connect to NRE through Remind101. Text 5874e2 to the number 81010

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Classroom Communication

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