Locks of Love (Global)

Founded By Madonna Coffman

What my Individual Has Done to Help the Community

Locks of Love helps kids under the age of 21 with different medical conditions by giving them hairpieces. Locks of Love is a non profit charity. The organization accepts donations of human hair and money, with the stated intention of making wigs for needy children who have lost there hair due to medical conditions. http://www.locksoflove.org

It Helped the Community By

It helped kids restore their self-esteeem and their confidence. Locks of Love returns kids self esteem and gives them hairpieces when they loose their hair to makes them feel better.http://www.locksoflove.org

Background Information on Madonna Coffman Individual

Madonna Coffmans daughter was four and she developed Alopecia. Madonna Coffman was in her twenties and she developed it too. Locks of Love started in December 1997. http://www.locksoflove.org

What Can I do to Help the Community

I might help people shovel and maybe mow peoples lawns. I could maybe help clean up all the garbage on beaches and sides of roads maybe even around the school. I could help people who can't take their garbage outside I could do it for them. I could get peoples grocery's for the people who can't do it themselves. Someday I could even start my own internet site for people who have cancer to help them fell confident.